Chapter 13


It was all happening so fast. . I felt pain, fear, but strangely worry too. "No!" I screeched. But my voice was lost in the wind. I was frozen, not able to move. I could move my eyes however. I rest my gaze upon the scene before me. I was not to far from a tiny house. It was pale blue and with white trimming. A beautiful green forest and dancing river surrounded it. The night only dimmed the colors, adding to its outrageous beauty.

Suddenly, I noticed something moved in my peripheral vision. A couple men walked into the scene. There were four of them, all wearing shiny black material. Some carried small bags that sloshed slowly, unlike water. Two were blonde, one a redhead, one black haired. The black haired man caught my attention. He was short, stout, and had an evil gleam in his eyes. His eyes were grey, something a little odd. It struck me that they were eerily familiar. Instinctively, I cringed away from him. Then the strange men walked in my father's door without knocking. How bewildering.

My eyes zeroed in on the scene. There was a bed, with a man sleeping in it. He looked a lot like … my father! I realized. No! "Stop!" I screamed once more in complete agony. My father lay on a bed, snoring softly. The men lifted him up and put black glue on his bed. So that was what in the bags. They then put my father back on his bed. I was confused. Why? Was it … poison?

The men then stepped out. One held a glowing item.


What are they going to do with fire? Play with it? Go attack the police with it or something? Then it dawned on me. No! They are going to light the house on fire! No!!!

The man with black hair walked to the edge of the house with the match. My eyes widened as he dropped into a crouch. He lightly threw the match at the house, after a few seconds, it caught. No! No, no, no, no!

I began to sob as I watched my father's house burn down, him with it. "Dad! Please, daddy!" I cried harder as I saw his body burst into flame, cooking in the sizzling goop.

My cries cut off as I felt a cool blade slide next to my throat.