"I said that you were my first, but you weren't even close now! Like a frame in a movie, you're just one of many...." I happily sang the words to , "Choke On This", a song by my favorite band Senses Fail as I walked to the front door of my house.

"I gave you these roses now but I left in the thorns! I'd rather hurt someone than hurt myself." I walked through the door singing louder. But then I stopped and turned off my iPod. It was oddly quiet. I walked into my kitchen looking for my mother. She was there sitting on one of our stool chairs near the bar table. She was looking at some papers that looked important.

"What's that?" I asked. She gasped and looked at me.

"What! Oh! Sorry Scarlett I didn't hear you come in." She said hurriedly. Weird... I thought seeing as I was singing on the top of my lungs coming in.

"So what's those papers about?" I asked again this time a little bit more impatient. She didn't answer so I peered over her shoulders.

"St. Canary High School Application Forms?" I read wondering why my mom was looking and apparently filling out these sheets to a school while I am already attending one.
"Mom! Are we moving!?" I practically yelled.

"Of course not. Your father and I aren't moving. You are." She said simply.

"Umm. What the hell! Care to elaborate?" I yelled to her getting mad that she would say sometime like that and be clam about it. Actually I shouldn't get mad that she's calm about it. I mean it's not like she actually cares for me. Neither of my parents do. Frankly I don't even know why they had me. Probably by accident and mom is against abortion. I pushed the thought away not exactly caring and shot a death glare at my mother who has yet to explain.

"Well, we, your father and I, decided that you would be better off somewhere else. Away from us. Seeing as lately all you have been doing is causing trouble for us. So tomorrow you're leaving and you'll be living with a family by the name.... Ah, their name is Mr. And Mrs. Smith. So I suggest that you pack your things tonight." She said all this to me without any emotion. Almost like she was telling me that she was picking me up from school instead of me taking the bus. I couldn't stand it. But I have to admit I was getting in trouble with the police.. For minor things. I mean come on? Not my fault I got kicked out of a mall 3 theaters and a mini golf court!

"You really want me to leave! I get difficult and you just pack up my things and send me away!" I yelled at her.

"Of course not. You're packing your own things." She said with a smirk. I couldn't stand it anymore. With out thinking I swung my hand and slapped her. I almost laughed when I saw the shock on her face. Without waiting to hear what she said I ran back up to my room and began packing. Hell, if I can get away from my un-loving parents then I'm in. I thought to myself as I went into a dreamless sleep.

I was awoken by my father. "Get up now. We are leaving." He said sternly. I looked at the clock 3:17AM. Strange time to leave. Oh well I guess. We got in the car and I noticed that my mother wasn't with us. Most likely because I slapped her. It's a shame really I would of loved to see how her faced looked. And almost as soon as we hit the highway I fell asleep listening to my iPod.

When I woke up it was 5:23. I noticed we were at a gas station. "Do you want anything darling?" my father asked me. And if he wasn't sending me away to live with a different family I would have been happy that he showed some sort of affection. But all I did was grunt and replied "Orange juice. The big one. You know. The gallon."

"Of course. Be back in a minute" He said and went inside. I know this may seem pretty weird but I love orange juice. I have it with everything, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even with steak or spaghetti. It may sound gross but it's like my comfort food. Some people eat chocolate, I drink orange juice."Well here's your orange juice. Hope it's what you wanted." My dad said as he climbed into the car. It was exactly what I wanted. Extra pulp too. I couldn't help but smile. Now time to drown this thing and fall back asleep.

Once again I awoke and looked at my phone for the time. 11:00 AM. How far away is this place! I though to myself. "Oh good you're awake. We're here. Go get your stuff." My father said. I looked out the window. Indeed there was a house there with a rather friendly looking lady walking toward our car. So I grabbed my gallon of orange juice, which was half empty, and walked outside.
" Well hello there! I'm Mrs. Smith but you can call me Carly deary!" She said to me and stuck out her hand. I took it and and said "Hello Carly, nice to meet you. I'm Scarletta but you can call me Scarlett."

"Oh what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl! Oh! And I see that you brought something. Your favorite drink I'm guessing? Well I'll just take that and.." She said as she grabbed my orange juice.

"Bu- bu- butt..." I stuttered completely confused on why she just took my drink away from me.

"Oh. I'm sorry do you want to keep this?" She asked confused. I didn't say anything but just nodded my head and grabbed back the container.

"Well I guess I'll show your your room and then I'll talk to your father" She said putting a smile on her face and walking toward the house. When we got in she walked to a room that was pretty big. It had a king size bed and a very nice view of the woods behind the house. There was also a big dresser and an even bigger closet next to it. "Here it is. You can start un-packing now." Mrs. Smith said and left to talk to my father I'm guessing.

The first thing I did was looking through my cases and getting my laptop. I turned it on and plugged in my iPod which was dead. We must of went really far. I wonder where we are... I looked out side at the scenery. I bet we're in Colorado. Yeah that's were I'm at Colorado.... That's really far away from home. Well I guess it's a good thing I didn't really have any close friends. Happy that I figured out where I was I turned on some music and began un-packing.

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