I was only ten. I was ten-years-old when the world took a nosedive. I was ten-years-old when I watched my parents die of the Ebola virus in pain and all together agony. I was ten-years-old when my life was put into the hands of my irresponsible and player of an older brother.

New York probably got the worst of it. Of course, my luck would make that the case, when my family and I had just moved there a month before the outbreak.

They say it was a refugee from Africa. One of the very few who lived there that could afford to go to America after their villages was struck by the virus. At first, everyone thought it was just a flu outbreak. We'd had many of those over the years, but when the first person was taken to the hospital after coughing up blood, we knew our fates were sealed. By then, people had already spread all through the world. In every single county, people were dying from the virus. In fact, it was so horrible, that people capitalize it now. The Virus.

It was a scientist in Canada who found the cure. Canada. No offence to any Canadians, but Canada was the last place anyone expected to find the cure. Apparently it was some plant that only grew very far north in the country. It didn't make it to New York in time to save my parents, but it barely saved my brother, Dale and I.

By then, more the three fourths of the total world population was dead. Panic spread through the streets. People were going mad, killing each other just because… well there never really was a reason I don't think.

Dale and I laid low for about a year, then the folks in the capital finally decided they needed to stabilize everything. They went through a bunch of political things that I couldn't begin to understand and somehow made our democratic republic into an absolute monarchy. Don't ask me how they came to that conclusion. I was always more focused on staying alive then what D.C. was doing.

Funny thing is –and this part will really get you- they held a raffle to see who would be in charge. A raffle! I mean, even at eleven I knew that this country was messed up, but holding a raffle to see who would be in complete charge of the country and the people in it? That really got my goat.

Turns out that a man named Carnigan Heroyce won the raffle. He was known around the country of being just and kind. And he was… for a while. Then the power went to his head. It was my fourteenth birthday when the decree was announced. If anyone said anything bad about the king or the monarchy in anyway whatsoever, they were scooped up by the Fudge and taken to Rhode Island. Nearly everybody had caught the Virus there, so they just cleared the rest out and made the entire state into the Prison.

Now, this wasn't a real prison. It was more like a death sentence contained in a state-sized area. They drop all the 'traitors' in there with no food or anything and let them have at each other. Then, everytime they add someone new, they release the Hounds and they have at anyone they come across as well.

I hated thinking about it. Dale was never very concerned. He cursed the king every chance he got, not really caring who heard him. After awhile, he stopped and saved his 'treason' for when he and I were by ourselves again. He always told me that he ran out of bad things to say about them. I knew the truth. He was worried about me. He was worried about what would happen to me if the Fudge took him away.

Of course, I could take perfect care of myself, but if I didn't have my brother to talk to, I'd likely go insane.

I never did find out what happened to the rest of the world. King Carnigan prevents any outside information from leaking into the country. It makes me think that they're recovering. Why else would he not want us to know what's going on? He's worried everyone will leave.

It's been six years since the outbreak and on my sixteenth birthday -noticing a pattern?- my world finally hit rock bottom.


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