This book is called The Country Girl. I don't know exactly where it is going yet. Unlike Nameless and The Not Book, I have no idea how this will end or where it is going. I have an idea and a beaten path to follow but sometimes the path takes an unexpected turn, which it did while I was writing this first chapter. I hope you enjoy reading the first chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'll try to keep it going but I'm also trying to get The Not Book typed up so I can get the Second Not Book Typed. All the same, review, read, enjoy!

Chapter One

"Shit guys! Let's go Harvey's dad is coming!" Cory yelled running in the barn doors, the twenty of them were dancing, sitting, drinking, laughing…just having an all around good time.

"I'm out!" Sydney was on her feet in a second flat headed to the top of the barn to jump out the back window. The drop had been padded with a lot of hay and grass not to say that it wasn't going to hurt like hell from impact, but hey at least the hay lessened the blow.

In the cities kids have parties and when the police bust them the kids take off, leaving the alcohol and whatever else they had that was against the law in the place of the party. Out here things were different, sure if it was just the cops catching them they'd leave the beer, but it wasn't it was Harvey's dad. Everyone grabbed what they had around them and bailed in a nice orderly fashion sneaking into the small island of trees just off the side of the corn field by the barn.

"I told you this was a bad idea Syd." Michael chided. "Your horoscope specifically said that you were heading for a lot of trouble and to keep your nose clean!" The red haired boy shook his head in a disappointed fashion as the two grabbed hands and took their turn leaping out of the top of the barn making a clean break for the truck they had parked a few short yards away.

"Relax will ya Mikey!" Sydney laughed as they ran top speed away from the party in the barn. Pitying anyone who was caught, thankful the group of kids would never rat if they got caught.

Nice thing about small towns, everyone knows everyone. And basically everyone was friends, sure there were smaller groups but in the big picture they all hung out, and they always covered each other's tails.

Michael shook his head; the only person who ever called him by the ridiculous nickname was his best friend. "I'm just saying we could have been caught." He warned, "Maybe next time you'll listen to me. I do know what I'm talking about."

"Mikey you worry way too much. Relax and let things take care of themselves. We got out didn't we?" Sydney asked tossing her blonde curls around to her other shoulder as she climbed up into the black pickup truck. She cranked the key and left the truck to idle, then turned her head to see the other four figures, all at different distances, bounding towards the truck.

Running for dear life.

"Damn Cory got that warning out early. I think everyone cleared the barn." Sydney commented. Two of the figures enlarged and hopped into the bed of the truck. Seth Spencer and Timmy Hanner.

"Timmy, did anyone get left behind?" She asked Tim, her brother's best friend.

"Maggy and Lindsay were the last two out of the barn. Maggy stayed behind to say goodbye to Harvey and then took off."

"Good, oh here come Hayden and Lindsay." Sydney commented as two more figures popped up and leaped into the bed of the truck, the young couple laughed then started a short make out session.

"Get a room!" Seth teased. Seth is Sydney's twin brother. Both of them had emerald green eyes blonde hair and were full of mischief.

The couple ignored Seth's comment.

"Okay, we're in!" Maggy was the last in the bed of the truck and pounded on the edge of it. "Go!" Sydney put her foot on the gas and the group took off.

"What do ya say we take the back roads?" Sydney asked smiling a smile full of sin.

"Syd can't you ever just take a warning and call it good for a night?" Michael complained. Michael Turn was Sydney's best friend. Maggy Flay, who is Michael's cousin, lives about a mile east of Syd's house in the countryside of Richmond Virginia. Michael Turn is Maggy's cousin, and you'd know it looking at the two, same bright red hair. Only difference between the two was Maggy was a risk taker, Michael was a worry wart. Still Syd loved him all the same. He was the yin to her yang. Besides the red features Michael had a dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose and against his cheek bones. He had brown eyes and on occasion could be incredibly funny. Mostly he didn't try. But his fears were so outrageous they were hilarious!

"You know me better than that Michael!" Sydney pulled the truck off the road onto a road that didn't really exist on a map. It was sort of made up by the kids of South High School, and other kids around the general area she supposed.

"Okay, really it's ten thirty Sydney. Some of us have curfew." Michael protested

"That is fine Mikey. When the rest of us get out of the truck I'll just give you the keys and you can head home."

"No way! Sydney, I'm not walking again! That took forever and my mom flipped shit!" Hayden protested. Hayden Gregg was a dirty blonde with brown eyes; the boy was country one hundred percent. And he had the farmers tan to prove it. His full lips curled into a pouting position.

"Fine, you can go home with Michael then. I have no problem with it." Syd said she took a hard right and there in plain view was a large lake.

It was probably half a mile wide both ways and was surrounded by trees here and there. Two trees that were parallel to each other on either side of the lake supported large tree houses made of sturdy wood that connected by a bridge that crossed, seven feet in the air, above the middle of the lake. The tree house on the south side of the lake was there when Syd and her buddies discovered the lake. Then the group built the second tree house and connected the two by bridge. Timmy and Seth were the brawn behind the project. Maggy and Sydney were the brains. In the world of physics and math the tree houses and bridge were sturdy to a fault.

"Syd, this is dangerous and stupid." Lindsay said trying to back Hayden up, the two had been dating for years. In small towns dating was an all or nothing deal. Syd didn't date within her circle of friends. Period.

"Dude, nobody is making you stay, if you don't wanna walk it's all yours. Go back home with Michael." Sydney parked the truck wrapped her arms around Michael's neck and gave him a huge hug. "See you Monday Mikey! If you are coming with me come on if you are not then adios!"

"Syd mom is going to stroke if she finds out you are doing this." Seth said.

"Mom could use a little CPR. She's too uptight these days anyway." Sydney said smiling tossing her blonde hair over a shoulder

"Whatever, I'm not going to get into trouble because you are bored. Love ya kiddo, I'm going with Mikey."

"Peace out, anyone else staying?" Sydney didn't really care. She'd swim by herself, it was finally springtime. The temperature had finally reached 85 degrees for almost a week straight and she was ready to embrace the wonderful weather. Everyone else however was put off by the idea of swimming at eleven at night. "Suit yourselves. Night, see you guys tomorrow or Monday or something."

"Come on Syd, get in the truck." Timmy begged. Timmy was Seth's best friend. He also kinda had a crush on Sydney but it was against her ways to date inside the circle of friends. It was probably for the best. Seth would kick his ass. Probably so would her other brothers, she had two older and one younger. Seth was her twin, younger by just a little bit, then there was Gregory who was a sophomore in college, he moved out two years ago. Syd's brother Trey was a senior and her youngest brother was a sophomore. Then there was Syd and Seth, juniors in high school and living life in the fast lane, at least Syd was anyway and it worried Timmy.

"No can do!" She laughed; she was already yanking her shirt off, standing in her jeans and a sports bra. Timmy shook his head, she didn't mean to tease but damned if she wasn't. She was standing there, her perfect little body with curves that just wouldn't stop. She was unbuttoning her jeans. It's nothing the whole group hadn't seen before, when they go swimming in the lake it's usually on a whim so they just peal down to their underwear and swim. Even still seeing her standing there in the half moonlight in a pair of blue and green boyshort underwear and a blue matching sports bra was doing nothing good for Timmy Hanner. Sydney turned her back to the truck and ran for the rope that hung off another one of the trees surrounding the lake. She leaped into the air catching it and swinging her body clear out to the middle of the lake then let go of the rope.

"Let her be, she'll get home when she gets home." `Lindsay said shaking her head. Lindsay envied Sydney's bravery but wasn't about to copy the girls stupidity.

"Agreed." Hayden said sliding an arm around Linds and pulling her close to him. She grinned and he kissed her. Kids…

"Fine, whatever." Timmy said sitting back down in the corner of the truck. "Let's get out of here Michael."

"Don't get dead Syd!" Was the last thing that was said before the Ford F151 took off down the dirt path to drop everyone off at their rightful houses.

Sydney climbed out of the water and walked over to the first tree house and climbed up into it. The first tree house, on the south side of the lake, was the older one. It was small to say the least. Probably a half assed job, she decided. She walked out the door her friends had created so it could connect to a bridge. She walked out onto the bridge that could probably support a train if it had a few more reinforcements, and laid down smack in the middle of it to stargaze. Syd never questioned if she lived the best life she could. She had the best friends, an awesome family and life was perfect. She heard her jeans ringing.

"Damnit!" The pants were clear over by where she'd first stripped. Timmy, that pig, had been staring at her like a piece of meat. True he was one of her best friends. But the whole group knew he had different things on his mind. Sydney leaped off the bridge fell seven feet and smacked into the water, once she surfaced she swam back to the edge of the water and ran to her jeans.


"Syd, its Michael. Are you okay?" Michael sounded worried. Sydney rolled her eyes.

"Fine Mikey. I was just looking at the stars. What's up?"

"Oh well it's been an hour and when I asked Seth if you were home yet he said no so I got worried."

"Mikey you worry too much bud. I'm just fine; I'm a big girl ya know."

"Yeah I know. I just, I guess I didn't think you'd stay out there that long is all."


"Because it's late and dark and creepy." He finished. Sydney could almost imagine Michael cringing while he said creepy. She laughed.

"What's funny?" he asked sounding even more worried.

"Nothing Mikey. Look I'll call you when I get home, I'll probably be out her for a while more, did Seth say if my mom was pissed or not?" Syd asked, she breathed onto her hand and smelled to see if she could smell the beer she drank earlier. Sydney didn't drink often, and when she did she drank in moderation. She got messed up once and decided it wasn't worth the headache, but enjoyed having a good time now and again. So she was just more careful now. Which pleased Michael more than anyone.

"He said they didn't know you weren't home, they were downstairs when Seth got in the house and they said hi to both of you and didn't check." Michael answered, "He also said he'd text you the code word if the rents started lookin for ya."

"Thanks Mikey I owe ya one!" Sydney disconnected then took her clothes and climbed back up onto the bridge. Next time she got down she'd have to climb back down the ladder because she'd be dressed and ready to go. She had a pair of old running sneakers on tonight, a pair of Lee jeans and a white tank that went under a green skin tight shirt, her favorite shade and style.

Sydney decided to text the weather channel. Just for kicks, she knew it was looming in the high seventies low eighties but she loved knowing winter was gone and summer was coming. She couldn't wait. She and her friends would spend hours out past curfew swimming, driving doing whatever. And this year was going to be a bumper crop due to the economy. Yeah life was looking up. Her phone buzzed it was a text from Seth.


That was the code word. The twins never fought, sometimes they'd put on a show for their parents. But the text I hate you was their code for Mom and Dad alert. She texted him back curious of the situation.

Yeah! Well what did I do that was so bad anyway! You are not much better!

She waited to see what his response would be, see how much time she had. Her phone buzzed again.

You took my running shoes! You have fifteen minutes to give them back or I'm going to have mom and dad ground you for a flippin month!

Sydney smiled she loved her brother. Running shoes meant she'd better haul ass home, she had fifteen minutes until mom and dad found out she was gone and punishment would probably be a nice solid grounding. She texted him back.

Alright! Take the stick out of your ass bro! I'll bring them to you right now.

Sydney tucked her phone safely into her back pocket and took off town the ladder of the tree house, her home was a mile and a half away from the lake. It was about a twenty minute walk, an eight minute run. She tightened her shoes and, for the second time that night, ran like the wind to avoid getting in a shit load of trouble.

When she arrived home she climbed the tree that was outside the fence of her property, leaped over the fence and then took off across the final field to her back door. Not that she'd go in through the back door. Hell no, her room was on the second floor. She'd climb up the old play set the kid's dad had built for the kids years ago. From the top of the swing set she'd leap onto the thick sturdy branch of the tree that led right to her bedroom window. Yep she was in the clear. Almost. She texted her brother for one last safety check.

Dweeb you'd better not be in my room searching for my shoes!

She waited patiently staying well out of sight, waiting for her brother to text her back. She had to make sure her parents weren't waiting for her in her bedroom. She'd never been caught sneaking in through the window and didn't want to start now. Lord knows her father would have the tree chopped down and she'd lose her escape and entrance route.

Why would I go in your room, I'm still sitting downstairs watching TV, but my show will be over in five minutes. If I don't have my shoes back by then I'll probably come into your room to find them.

Clear warning, mom and dad were watching a show that was almost over, get your ass in the house or get in trouble. Sounded like a winning situation. She crawled across the branch hopped onto the roof threw her bedroom window open and climbed into her bedroom. It was decorated in shades of blue, green, orange, and yellow.

Quickly she shimmied out of her dirty clothes that she'd spent the night gallivanting around in, and changed into PJ's. After she'd gone to the bathroom taken a shower and brushed her teeth she padded across the hall to Seth's room.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your sneakers bro." She winked at her brother.

"Yeah, next time don't take them without permission." He sneered at her obviously acting.

"Okay, jeez I'm sorry. I was just saying thanks."

"What are you two bickering about now?" Colton, the freshman, asked.

"None of your damn business kid." Syd said to her youngest brother.

"Well sorry. Mom and Dad are on their way up." The kid said.

"Cool beans, what is your point?" Sydney asked then she cut her eyes to Seth. "You told him about your tennis shoes didn't you? Seth you suck!" Sydney said knowing the malicious little kid knew she'd been out.

"Couldn't help it man, he threatened to rat us out."

"Okay, keep it cool." She said then turned her attention to her youngest brother, "Got it Colton?" she gritted her teeth then let the anger of demand slide into a pleasant smile as her mother rounded the stairs and saw the three kid crowding around Seth's bedroom door.

"Hey sweetie, did you kids have fun tonight at Maggy's?" Her mother asked. Her mom's smile was just as fake as her own.

"We did!" Syd started then to cover her tracks she finished, "but we left after a while, we got bored."

"I figured as much when Maggy's mother said you kids weren't there. She told me Maggy said you were going over to Harvey's." And this is where Sydney loved the fact that she and her friends were four steps ahead of their parents. Most kids thought parents were stupid, Syd and her friends thought the exact opposite, so they planned on the worst.

"Yeah, we did, and I would have called but my phone died." She said holding up a turned off phone.

"Yes, I also noticed that, so I called Harvey's father." So her mom was the rat. Damn the woman.

"Yeah, we were over there mom."Sydney said

"Yes I know. Harvey's father told me he found Harvey and Maggy in the barn making out." Her mother looked at her. And Sydney smiled. GO MAGGY! Way to cover our asses.

"Yeah, she and he left after a while; we were in the second house watching movies."

"Yes, that is what Mr. Kates said." Her mother finished. Ryan Kates wouldn't have bothered checking the other house for the rest of the kids. He'd just listen to Harvey's explanation and then probably go to bed shaking his head at his son's hormones. Go Mr. Kates!

"Sorry I didn't call mom." Seth spoke up. "I thought Syd would, she didn't tell me her phone died or I'd have called." He pinned the blame on Syd, which was what they'd agreed on earlier. Best for one to get in trouble for something stupid like not calling then both to get in trouble for sneaking out to a barn party; drinking, dancing, and basically just breaking the rules.

"It's okay sweetheart." Their mother smiled over to her son. That was the other reason; Meredith Spencer adored her son, and thought her daughter was the devil incarnate. "I will expect a phone call next time, your father and I were worried sick." The woman lied; she was just looking for a reason to punish the kids.

"Well we're sorry."

"You are forgiven, phones please?" Mary asked her two children.


The woman was nothing if relentless. Both teens produced their phones but whined bitched and moaned about it. They couldn't be too willing otherwise it would seem planned, but they also couldn't protest too much because then she would suspect they were hiding something. After sixteen years the twins had this act down pat. When Meredith finished reading the text messages from the evening she glared at Sydney.

"Young lady did you give your brother his shoes back?"

"Yeah, that's what I was just doing now." She held a pair of Seth's tennis shoes up for her mother to see and shoved them in Seth's direction.

"Thanks again, the run I took this afternoon would have sucked if I didn't have a decent pair of running shoes." She smiled at her mother evilly.

"Thank you for giving his shoes back, now off to bed both of you, I think I'll keep your phones for the night though." The woman said her voice was silky and full of intention.

"MOM NO!" Sydney was the one to protest. She wanted to text Michael to tell him she'd made it home so he wouldn't lie awake all night wondering if she was dead or not.

"Why Sydney Lynn? Is there something on this phone you'd like to keep from me?"

"No mom, there is nothing on my phone I'd like to keep from you; I'm not stupid enough to do stupid things to get myself into stupid trouble. What I do want is my alarm clock so I can be up in time to make it to our mandatory track practice."

"Well I'm glad you are not stupid Sydney, you have an alarm clock your father and I bought it for you for Christmas." Mary finished.

"I know, I remember." Sydney gritted, that year Gregory had been given a load of stuff for his next semester of college, Trey was given a laptop of his choice, Seth received a Wii, Colton got games for the Wii and Sydney got an alarm clock. "But I use my cell phone, it is the only thing that wakes me up, I've tried the alarm clock remember? Seth Colton and I were two hours late to school." Sydney said, the three had actually planned that. It was their ploy to be allowed to keep their phones through the night to use as alarm clocks. It worked too.

"Okay then your father and I will wake you up before we got to church." Mary said then realizing something, "Missy you are not missing church to be at practice." Her mother said sternly re-tightening her grip on the cell phone.

"Mom, my practice starts at five and runs until seven, I'll be home in plenty of time for eight thirty mass, but I'm willing to bet you don't want to get up at four thirty to wake me up so I can go to practice." The remark was smart aleck and she could almost hear Seth say "good one sis." Sometimes the twins could literally read each other's minds.

"Fine, you two may have your phones, you passed the test tonight but-" Just then Syd's phone buzzed it was a text. It was Michael.

Did you let Penny in?

It was such a simple text, but it held so much meaning. Penny was Mikey's cat. Actually Penny was a kitten Mikey had given to Sydney a couple months ago but the kitten made for a great code text. It simply was asking if she'd made it home alright without giving her away, because all of her friends knew how psycho Syd and Seth's mom was.

"Sydney Lynn is your kitten in the house?" The woman would ream Syd for anything.

"Yes I let her in when Seth and I got home from Harvey's house." She answered then stretched her hand out asking for her cell phone back. "Can I text Michael back? So he knows that I let the cat in, otherwise he might just go into cardiac arrest." Sydney said, and it was true, even her mother knew that. Once Michael had texted asking a question that seemed as ridiculous as the one he'd asked and because Mary had Syd's phone Sydney had not been able to answer. Michael came over at midnight just to make sure. Of course the questions she'd received usually meant a whole lot more than her mother could ever tell.

"Yes, and you two may have your cell phones back. But I expect the two of you to be ready for church at eight fifteen sharp tomorrow." And with that Marry sauntered back down the steps. Sydney's mother was beautiful, that was a given. Sydney received many of her good looks from her mother. The curves that drove people wild, the sheer blonde gorgeous hair, the perfect complexion, her perfect breast size, hell even her adorable little ass. The only thing Syd had that her mother didn't was the beautiful green eyes. Her mother had dull gray blue eyes; Sydney's eyes were full of adventure and curiosity. They sparkled and pierced. They were her favorite feature and she played them up for all they were worth and more.