What am I suppose to do with the emptiness I feel deep inside of me?

The emptiness in my heart that hurts so much…

The very one that fills up my eyes with betraying tears

Overflowing in a matter of seconds.

I wish I didn't have this feeling.

I wish I was ok.

I wish I had strong arms around me holding me close…

Reassuring me that everything will be ok.

What am I suppose to do with this loneliness eating me alive?

I don't want to have to feel this way & I don't want to cry.

But how else can I get rid or this feeling?

What am I suppose to do?

Scream at the top of my lungs the gash in my heart getting deeper.

Tears overflowing my eyes sinking my heart more & more.

I put on a smile for everyone to see.

Fake on my lips.

Why cant you see the pain in my eyes?

My insides are screaming I'm not ok!

My eyes holding in tears about to emerge.

You think I'm ok…but why can't you see?

I don't know what's wrong with me.

There's little homeless kids out there dying of hunger…

Freezing to death…

Little kids with cancer ruining there life's…

And I'm here crying my eyes out at the pain and emptiness I feel.

What kind of person am I?

My health is great…

I have a roof on top of my head…

I can buy what ever I crave…

Yet I'm sitting here crying…

Spilling out my emotions.

Over something so insignificant

Please forgive me.