Fag - Dyke - Breeder
Prologue: A Very Liberal Household
03152009 - 0227A

AN: So this story is one that I've been wanting to write for the longest time, but finally got pushed to actually work on when one of the RN's at my site told me about a private association's radio response to the new bit of gay legislation being passed through West Viriginia's governmental bowels. Actually, the ONLY bit of gay legislation to ever actually be passed through this godforsaken state's governmental bowels. But I digress.

I'm not going to openly say what this story is about. At least, not in this chapter. At the earliest, I may discuss it in the closing AN for chapter two. I want to see how many people just get it first.

Music is: "Popular" by The Veronica's. It has that mean edge I think I'm going to need to push off on this new story.


I sighed as I saw his face twist in disgust at my proclaimation.

"Licia," he began, obviously searching for non-offensive words. Or, should I say, words that wouldn't offend me. He had shown with the previous statement that offending our subject matter was of little to no importance to him. "How can you just... act like it's okay? That they're okay?"

I sighed. It seemed like we were just going in circles with this conversation. My eyes swept once more over the couple in the corner of the bar. They weren't even doing anything, really. And they definitely weren't doing anything that Jared and Ashley hadn't done in much less modest surroundings.

"They're not hurting anything," I said. "I mean... yeah, I like girls, and that's fine, that's how I am. You like guys and that's fine, too, cause that's how you are. What's wrong with that guy liking girls, or his girlfriend liking guys? I mean, they're obviously happy together, and they're not hurting anything."

"The Book--"

"The Book? The Book is an IDEA, Jared. A set of guidelines. Not the absolute law of the land. In fact, the Book is not supposed to have anything to do with the absolute law of the land. That is one of the absolute laws."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this," he muttered. "Where the hell do you get that shit?"

"I was raised in a very liberal household. I was taught that, as long as no one was being hurt, it wasn't anyone's business what someone else does."

"But it is hurting people," he scoffed. I raised my eyebrows. "It's like a disease, Licia," he went on when my eyebrows didn't descend, "It's spreading. What would you say if one of your kids turned out that way?"

"I'd be okay with it, as long as they extended the same respect to us that they'd want extended to them." I shrugged.

"God, Licia."

Jared shook his head and stood up. I took that as the sign that we were leaving, and followed suit. As we passed that couple on the way out, I distinctly heard Jared hiss, "Breeders."

"You see? That's it exactly." I put my hand out to stop him and he rolled his eyes. "I've never seen a heterosexual walking around calling homosexuals 'fags' or 'dykes' just for the hell of making people like me and you feel shitty. What gives you the right to do that to them?" His eyes rolled again and I sighed. "Whatever, dude. I have to get home. Jenny will be wondering where I've been."

"Can't have her thinking you've gone over to the other side, out in a bar all night with some guy," he teased. It was my turn to roll my eyes, and with that, we parted.


AN: It's just a teaser. The rest of the chapters will be longer, and meatier, and I can also smell the vague wafting aroma for controversy. Ahh. My favourite recipe.

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