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"Miss? Miss. Take a seat immediately."

Her black mood worsened at the teachers tone, her eyes flaring up as she scanned the hushed undersized room. A meager group of students were scattered around the class, all gagged by overwhelming work the teacher had placed upon them.

She strode to the first seat she found, taking with her the large packet of papers that had been crammed into one staple. Her stomach made an uneasy groan as she realized this was going to be her punishment for two whole days.


If it wasn't enough to make her entirely sick, the thought of her impetuous kiss with, god-knows-who, surely send her over the edge. She could feel her lips tingle with the memory of his touch, her skin shivering with the recollection of his hands on her back.

Her mind swirled with images of seeing him again. What would she do?

Sue him, she thought dryly, a venomous smirk tangling between her lips. Maybe she would slap him, or act indifferent. Or maybe she would just ignore him…

"Ahum. Start your package young lady. If you didn't want to do it, you should have thought twice before skipping class."

Skipping!? What nonsensical mumble was this lunatic speaking off? She hadn't been skipping. She had been late. Two very different words in the English dictionary, and by God two very different sorts of punishments.

She had been completely and entirely making her way directly towards the office for her late pass when she stumbled upon the ignorant fool!

Or maybe not straight towards the office, but rather a short tour through the school before reaching it.

Regardless, it was not her fault, not really. And she definitely shouldn't have been punished this crudely. After all, her lips had undertaken torture just so that she wouldn't get in trouble. This was the world jeering her for being stupid. Maybe this was how people learned…

"If you don't start working I will assign another two days of detention for you," assaulted the loathsome man standing at his desk, his eyes threatening with unruly determination to get her started on her work.

The class was all together too quite for her likes. Each student refusing to rebel against the dragon man that held them so tight in their seats.

With a inaudible groan, she opened her massive package and commenced what was the beginning of a very long, very strenuous relationship with her work.

Silently, the minutes passed on, each second flicking mockingly at her, gradually ticking away with time. It wasn't until someone called her name that she realized she had spaced out.

"Miss. Miss!" yelled the teacher, his eyebrows snapped together angrily. "You're going home."

Her gaze followed his onto a student slugging lazily on the side of the door, a tiny smirk of satisfied triumph pasted on his face.


Her stomach unwillingly flipped with uncontained anxiety, making it seemed as if she had a circus of acrobats within her midriff.

Muted by confusion and relief at seeing him again, she stood and walked towards him in a dream like manner. Passing the teachers desk she casted the package of laborious work onto his desk and glared at him.

Ha! Miss me now, I dare you.

Once they left the room and began walking, a tumble of questions eagerly fought to be spoken, yet she kept quite. She knew for sure she wasn't going home. Her parents didn't give a hoot about having her home early, or wanting her there at all. The only reason that could explain the sudden appearance of her parents, was that someone was dying or was already dead, and she didn't even want to think about that possibility.

As if reading her mind, he spoke, his voice held a trace of mirth. "Your parents aren't picking you up."

Suddenly, feeling all the rage and nervous jitters of their kiss, she spoke with lethal sweetness. "Oh I know."

Unquestionably she followed him as he walked the opposite direction of the office. Her clouded head trying to make sense of the situation. They walked passed the auditorium and the bathroom, around the cafeteria and into the hallway that lead straight to the outside of the school.

"Your not gong to kidnap me are you?" she asked in wonder as he opened the door, leading to freedom, for her.

Taking careful steps not to get to close to her, he chuckled. "Its tempting. But no," was all he said.

"Why would that be tempting? And what's your name. I think I have the right to know."

She halted her steps, turning around to face him bravely.

He grinned at her comment, his smile reaching his calm dark eyes. "Because spending a day with you would be undeniably fun I'm sure."

Ignoring his comment and the meaning behind it, she persisted with her question. "Name?"

"Maybe some other time."

Her eyes bulged out at his response, her hands firmly grasping her hips imitating her mothers stance when she asked a question that demanded the truth.

"What's with the secrecy? Unless your some FBI detective, which," she paused and snickered at the concept, "I doubt you are, you have no reason to hide your name."

His smile faltered for a second, his eyes glaring down at her as she mocked him. "My name has a price to it, sweet."

"That's just an excuse to kiss me!" she howled in quite outrage. Secretly, though she refused to accept it, her mind boggled at the thought. A deep pink blush scattered across her cheek as she thought of their last kiss, and of how she had enjoyed it.

"Perhaps it is an excuse," he shrugged, seeming to take great enjoyment in her coloring, "but its my only deal."

"Forget it Bob, I could care less what your name is," she lied.

"Well then, lets get to class."

He made a turn towards the outside stairs and opened the door for her. They walked silently up the stairs, almost serenely, had her heart not been pounding like a drum at a marching parade. She was almost afraid he could hear her, read her thoughts as they played vivid images of him kissing her soundless.

What would one more kiss do to her sanity? It couldn't kill, and she needed to know his name. It would drive her crazy not knowing the most important thing about the person she had shared a morning with.

The question hung heavily in the air until they reached her room number; a loud voice booming through the door as the teacher gave a lecture on the Einstein's theory of relativity.

"Looks like this is your stop, love," he murmured, his eyes coolly staring at hers as she resolved whether to demand for his name or not.

"Your name?" she tried again, her voice already given way to the desire of his lips.

"Your kiss?" he said, almost whispered, stepping closer to her until his lips touched hers.

The familiarity was almost too overwhelming, yet his touch seemed so foreign. Unlike the last time they had kissed, this time he wasn't soft nor gently. His mouth made its way hungrily over hers, his teeth nipping at the side of her lips until she eagerly welcomed him inside. Harshly, he pushed his tongue inside hers, stroking the side of her mouth with uncontrollable desire. Her hands trembled as he grasped them, pulling them slowly over his neck, then grazing her voluptuous body with his own.

They kissed for what seemed like hours, minutes, his lips stroking her own with sensual delight, until finally he backed his head. His breath brushing gently over her pink skin, he smiled teasingly down at her.

A mixture of wonder and horror held within her eyes.

"Get to class," he murmured, handing her a yellow pass and shoving her into the class.

The realization of being inside her first period instead of his arms was so astonishing, it was like a slap on the face.

"Miss. Are you late? Take a seat please your interrupting the class."

Dazed and confused, she took a seat on her desk, ignoring the sound of her teacher as he continued on his endless lecture.

His name, she thought. He didn't tell me his name.

As if something prompt her, she looked down at the yellow pass in her hand to see that in the bottom right it had a sentence that made her stomach volt in sudden flips.

Until next time, love.

I don't know what tempted me to write the second part.

But here it is.