Nobody sees your eyes, the way they shine so bright.
Nobody knows your smile; the whole room it can light

Everyone knows she's pretty, they tell her everyday
Everyone says you're perfect together and should always stay that way

Nobody sees the smile I fake when you walk right on by
Nobody notices I turn my head, trying not to cry

Everybody thinks you're flawless, perfect and pristine
Everyone says you do no wrong, it's on you that they lean

But somebody knows you're not perfect, that you can be lazy and lame
Somebody sees your flaws and still loves you all the same

Nobody knows we started out as friends, oh so easily
Nobody could tell when we got closer, and when you started to grow on me

Somehow you made your way, very deep into my heart
Somehow I feel that's where you've belonged, right from the very start

Somebody makes you laugh, and again your eyes are bright
Somebody says your name, music to my ears and sounding so right

You look at me with that gorgeous smile
We haven't talked in such a long while

A single glance we share, my heart skips and trips
My blood races speedy fast, and my stomach executes flips

She holds your hand and whispers something, secretive and dear
She is with you over there, and I am alone over here

Nobody sees me duck my head down, heat creeping up my cheeks
Nobody knows that single glance gave me happiness for weeks

Everyone smiles as you stand up together and walk right out of there
Everyone ignores the girl in the corner, invisible in her chair

Everyone watches you two, knowing you will be fine
I sink down in my seat a little further, I'm at the end of my line

Anybody can see that you love her, your feelings are genuine
Nobody can see that I miss you and want you to be mine

Because nobody cares about feelings, and whether or not they're true
Nobody sees me wishing that I could just be with you

A/N: I'm normally not much of a poet, so this may seem very amateur to you guys. I'd appreciate it if you could leave me a review, whether it's to bash the poem or praise it. I know it's rather simple, but I needed to get some unsaid emotions of my own on paper. Being invisible is not always as fun as it seems, clearly. REVIEW!