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Raimi and Kaden pt. 1

It was calm in the village today; the sun shined brightly over the fields of his village and the weather just perfect as he wore only his uniform. Kaden yawned as he let his hands rest behind his head, eyes shut to let the suns rays run over him.

"Kaden! Where are you! Look what I found!"

Kaden scrunched up his face as he sighed. His peaceful moment ruined by the voice of Raimi. He kept quiet for now but knew he wouldn't be able to ignore the boy for to long.

"Kaddeenn!" Raimi screamed as he stood near the center of the field. He held something in his little hand which probably wasn't to important. "I know you're here! Your mommy told me you were being lazy and lying in the field!"

Kaden sat up immediately as he glared at the boy, "What what what! Don't you have friends your own age?"

"No, b-b-but you don't either so let's play together!" he giggled as he ran over to the other and wrapped his arms around Kaden's neck.

"Get off me, Rai. You're getting to old to keep hugging me like that." he shoved the boy off of him, Raimi pouting as he sat next to Kaden in the grass.

"Noo. I'm only eight. and you didn't care if I hugged you when I was seven.. so why am I to old now?"

Kaden looked over to Raimi. For an eight year old he still had the mind of a five year old.. or at least the personality of one. It didn't help that Raimi's family was practically royalty in the village; aside from the King's family themselves.

Raimi looked more like royalty either way. His mid-length blonde hair was kept down with a single gold strand around his forehead. It gave him a girly look.. which Kaden wasn't surprised with since Raimi's mother always wanted a girl. The large and dark eyes a big contrast to his blonde and pale skin that he had an exotic look about him. His eyes able to sap anyone in and make them do what he wanted. Which usually happened to Kaden.

Kaden was like the complete opposite of Raimi. He was five years older than the boy and had a more working-class look. Even if his family was best of friends with Raimi's family; he still looked like the grunt of the village. But, it wasn't unintentional. Kaden knew he didn't actually belong to the village.. and that his parents adopted him. That's why he was already graduated from school and taking on different jobs. He had the extra strength and ability to do so.

"We're both to old for that.. so just stay off me and grow up a little! You still act you did when you were five!" Kaden wasn't sure why he was so angry with the other. He never was angry with Raimi. He cared for Raimi and loved him but he was probably just mad that he couldn't enjoy the sun or the peaceful setting anymore. Or because he was agitated that he was getting older and the meaning behind those innocent hugs and kisses were starting to change and he couldn't do anything about it because Raimi was still young. It would just be wrong of him to do so.

"Kaden.." Raimi stared at him for a moment before Kaden shoved him away. A small noise escaped him as he couldn't catch himself in time and fell back against the tall grass. The object he found flying out of his hand and into hiding. He caught himself before his head could hit the ground and when he realized he lost his object and also had a glaring Kaden staring at him he started to tear up.

"K.. K..." he sat up slowly as he didn't even bother to search for the object. It was for Kaden.. and he probably would of thought it was for little kids anyway.

"Don't start crying now.. I know what you're doing." Kaden stood up and Raimi looked up to him. His black eyes looking like a deep lake now as the tears collected in his eyes. "I know you do that just to make me say sorry and for everything to be better.. but that's not going to work. Think of a new strategy. You'll be nine soon and the crying doesn't work so master something else and stop giving me those fake tears.." He felt horrible for saying what he said. A crying Raimi always weakened him and made him coddle the other but he knew that he had to do this. Even if it was out of the blue he needed to severe the ties now before it became wrong.. before it progressed and became one sick relationship between a teenager and child.. He didn't even know how he started to grow these feelings for the younger one.. if only they were both older. The prospects were much different if both of them were older.. or at least if Raimi was older. NOT that he was thinking about being in bed with the other. It was just wrong for someone his age to crush on an eight year old. It wasn't right.. it was horrible. Just thinking of people older than him taking an eight year olds innocence away made him want to kill them.

Kaden turned around and started to walk away leaving a crying Raimi in the field. He was almost out of the field until he heard Raimi screaming.

"Kaden! KADEN!" his sobbing noises followed but Kaden didn't turn around as he figured the other was just running after him. "Kaden! Please! Help me!" but the voice was moving further away and when Kaden turned around he froze and tensed up before he gave a sigh and relaxed.

Two men dressed in Raimi's family colors were struggling with him to hold him still. Why was Raimi fighting them? They were hired to protect him and to take care of him and yet Raimi was fighting with them. They weren't going to hurt him..

"Raimi, just let them take you! They're only taking you back--"

"Kaden!" Raimi screeched as one of the men practically slammed him onto the ground and then rammed a large needle into the his neck and injected him with something.

That's when Kaden realized it wasn't Raimi's family guards, "Raimi!" he yelled after him to see if he was okay but the injected subdued him and put him to sleep. Kaden ran over in that direction now hoping he could get there in time. But the men knew they were faster. One of them picked Raimi's limp body up and swung him over his shoulder as the other moved in front of him to give a light smirk behind his mask.

"You're just a little kid.. what are you going to do?"

The voice rang in Kaden's head and made him run faster and his temper flare. It didn't help though. "Try again when you're older, kiddo."

Right as Kaden heard the words in his head he was breathless. The man had been so fast that he didn't see him move right in front of him and definitely didn't see the man clench his fist to punch Kaden right in the gut.

Kaden coughed and the air in his lungs escaped him as he was dropped to the floor.

In that moment they were gone and so was Raimi.


"Raimi!" Kaden snapped up in his bed awake and sweating. The guilt from that day lingering in his heart as he ran his fingers through his drenched hair. He let his arm fall in his lap as he looked down to his hand; Raimi's thin golden headband tied around his wrist. He found it the day Raimi disappeared in the area the two foreign men had injected him at. He hadn't taken it off since then. He wouldn't until he found Raimi.


Raimi had no idea what was going on but pain was infiltrating his body so much that when he woke up he was screaming.

"Stop it! Stop it! Where's Kaden?! Kaden!!" he was thrashing around desperately but wasn't going anywhere being tied down to some chair and having things injected into him. He didn't know what they were doing but it was painful and it wanted it to stop!

"Put him down! Put him down every time he wakes up! He won't have any training until next month!" a low voice growled as the nurses around Raimi hurried to shut him up. One even placing a hand over Raimi's mouth and nose as another nurse was preparing the injection.

"I want him to be the best of the best.. his blood is the only blood that will work with what I've created! So get it right or you're all dead!"

Raimi was shaking as he tried to look around. His eyes wide and scared before feeling the injecting being stabbed into his neck again. A loud whine and whimper escaping him before he shut his eyes tightly. His body went limp as tears ran down the sides of his face taking in a big lung full of air before everything went black.

'Kaden... Kaden...'


"Eleven years... and we finally finished. He's perfect.. simply.. perfect."

Raimi was used to his Father talking like that and had learned not to flinch or move when the rough hands ran over him -- he knew it was wrong but his Father explained that it wasn't wrong when he did it. He was different.. a doctor. He had a right to touch Raimi like that and since Raimi was raised to believe such a thing.. it was second nature not to pull away anymore.

His eyes were covered with a strip of white cloth since they were not only exotic but deadly now. His skin was even more pale than when he was eight and his blonde hair ran down to the hem of his patient pants. The curly strands a bit messy at the moment since he just woke up and was dragged to his Fathers room.

"Are you ready to work for us, Rai?"

Raimi held in his breath for a moment.. someone he cared for had called him that once.. but he couldn't remember who. Supposedly it was the nickname his Father always used for him; a light smile appeared on his face as he nodded.

"I've been waiting so long.. " his voice was barely above a whisper. He never had the need to use it unless he was under somebody taking it. His tongue ran over his lips lightly as he felt his fathers hand up his shirt and over his stomach.

"And you know the plan, correct?"

Raimi nodded, "Of course, I've been studying the plan non-stop for three months, don't worry about me, Father."

The man chuckled as he stood up and wrapped his arm around Raimi's thin waist.. pulling him softly into his body. "The team got you a gift." he whispered gently against the others jaw.. his free hand slowly running up to push some of the hairs back before he pulled the cloth down. Raimi tensed as he kept his eyes shut tight,

"F-father.. what are you doing? I could kill someone.." he was still whispering and it only made his supposed 'Father' grow for him. The innocence was still there.. but it was misplaced. It was almost a sick joke .. and if anyone else out in the normal world were to have a conversation with him; he was sure it would be awkward and short.

"Just relax. If you don't want to kill someone you wont. Now open your eyes to see what the team got for you."

Raimi was hesitant. If this was his final test he wasn't sure if he was going to pass. He never thought that he would be able to control his eye sight. He let out a deep breath as he peaked his eyes open to see a blurry view of his Father. He shut them instantly as he was scared and shook his head while biting his lip.

"I don't know, Father."

"Don't be rude, Raimi! Open your eyes!" his Fathers arm got tighter around him and started to hurt him while his hands came up to grab at his fathers shoulders. He instantly opened his eyes at that moment and stared wide-eyed up to the man that he called Father.

Tears were welling up in his eyes as his father gave a gasp and stared down at him not moving at first. Raimi thought for that brief moment he killed the man... but his father gave the biggest smile and leaned down to kiss his lips.

Raimi gave a noise as he tilted his head back naturally. His fingers gripped against the white coat his Father was wearing before the kiss was broken. "I'm so proud of you, Rai." he ran his fingers through the others hair before moving out of the way for Raimi to see the nurses that had worked on him for the longest time. Some of them from the start and others brought in when he accidentally killed the others.

"Here you go Raimi. Don't forget about us when you're out making the world a better place." The lead nurse out of the group coming forward to pull out a gold hair-chain that had a red ruby dangling in the middle. It was always a look they reserved for him since he was young since his father had seen him several times with a gold headband on.

His Father moved to reach under his desk as he lifted up a box, "Now, go change and make us proud, Raimi. All you have to do is succeed with the plan and you'll be on your way to living life the way you always wanted to. With me." his father grinned and Raimi smiled as he let the nurses help him put on the head-chain before taking the box. "Okay! I'll be sure to make you proud." he smiled as he just naturally closed his eyes and walked off to the changing room. He was used to using all his other senses so he really didn't find the need to open his eyes unless he was fighting.


Raimi was dressed in a simple white Yukata. A light print of flowers spread a crossed the bottom as the sandals he wore matched. He walked through the forest as his long curly blonde hair fell around his waist as the golden hair-chain was placed simple on his head as the teardrop red ruby was placed in the middle of his forehead. He also had matching earrings that were long and stopped right under his jaw. He had two bracelets on each wrist and one ring on each of his 'wedding' fingers. A white strip of cloth wrapped around his eyes as he was more comfortable that way. He knew his eyes were a bit odd so either way it was for the better.

In any moment he knew he was going to be attacked. He could feel the presences of five men and one woman circle him. They knew he was there too and as they whispered with the person they were paired up too he smiled lightly and continued to walk slowly.. He walked for another hour before he was stopped abruptly with a sword to his neck. It was dark now, he could tell by the temperature of the weather. He stood there for a moment his head tilted down.

He wanted to say, 'Why did you take so long? My eyes are covered so it wouldn't matter if it was light or dark outside...' but he kept it to himself as he tilted his head up towards the face of the attacker.

"State your name and reason of being here." It came out harsh and Raimi instantly started to stutter, of course intentionally.

"I.. I.." he looked scared now and the men would soon find him as no threat but the sword at his throat stayed.

"I.. I'm Raimi--"

The moment he said that the sword was sheathed and the men and woman around gasped as one of them instantly left yelling they found Raimi.

"Raimi? Son of the Respia family?"

"Respia?" he said lightly as another man then chimed in,

"He won't remember! He was kidnapped when he was eight! It is Raimi! Look at his hair it's curly and blond!"

"Anyone can have curly and blonde hair!" the man snapped. "If we take back the wrong person we could get screwed.. and Kaden will kill us."

Raimi tensed as he heard that name. So familiar, Kaden.. Kaden..

"Kaden.." he whispered lightly, "I think.. Kaden.." he shook his head as memories flashed through his head. But not a face he could match with the name.. just how many times he had said something similar when he was young. "Kaden.." it rolled off his tongue so easily and brought a smile to his face.

"Take off your eye cover."

Raimi snapped out of it when he felt a hand come close to him. His hand came up to grab at the mans wrist, "Please, don't touch me."

The man jerked his wrist away, he wasn't sure if it was Raimi or not. Raimi was a sweet kid and if he had lived with his family in the village he was sure he would be a kind and sweet adult as well. He was always on the feminine side and even though this Raimi looked feminine his grip was strong.

"You just have to ask nicely and I'll show you." he gave a charming smile that made the man's body hard. The man cleared his throat.

"Then take of your eye cover, please."

Raimi brought his hands up a bit to sensually while he untied the wrap and held it in his hands. He brought it down and away from his face while he took a deep breath and knew he couldn't kill these men because it would get his Yukata bloody and if it did... his mission would be ruined when he found the man he was looking for. He couldn't. No.

Another deep breath and he slowly opened his eyes. The black orbs stared at the man in front of him as he raised his brows. "So?" he said in a whisper, "I'm the one right?"

The man gasped and then smiled while the other men announced it was Raimi and during that moment Kaden beat the man that lead him to the clearing. He stopped abruptly when he saw the golden hair and pale skin. Attributes of his Raimi...

"General Aki! General Aki! It's Raimi! It's Raimi! We found him!!" they all rushed towards him while Raimi shut his eyes and he held the wrap tight in his hands. General Aki. His target.

"Raimi.." Kaden whispered lightly as he looked to his men and then ordered them away so he could be alone with Raimi. Raimi tensed a bit.. this aura. It was familiar.. and it was stronger now. He didn't want to kill him; he couldn't....yet. He had a mission to get to the camp and kill all the men and destroy everything they had along with obtaining information his Father needed.

He thought several times, 'Don't kill him, Don't kill him, Don't kill him.' as he felt his target step closer and closer.. as he felt the familiarity and ... something else.. another emotion leak from him that he could not label. Raimi was confused now to the point that he didn't feel Kaden's hand on his shoulder until the hand forced him to turn around.

Raimi instantly jerked away and stumbled backwards but caught himself before he fell. He faced his target now, and opened his eyes slowly. He was still learning how to control that bit of him.

But what he saw made him tense and give a little shudder as chills ran over his body. A whisper escaped him but he wasn't sure why he said what he said.. was this?