Chapter 1

"Angela! Angela! Wake up!" my sixteen year old sister, Zoey, screamed from outside my bedroom. "Ang! Ang! Come on wake up!" She pounded her thin, tan fist on my white bedroom door.

"Zoey!" I twisted so I could put my feet on the floor and walked over to the door. When I opened my door I glared at my sister. "What could you possibly want at seven a.m. on a Saturday morning!?"

I looked at my sister in disbelief, she was fully dressed in a pink boyfriend tee, black capri's and purple slippers. She had already applied her makeup and her thick, curly, dark brown hair was straightened and her bangs were clipped to the back of her head with a barrette.

Zoey and I are exact opposites. Zoey is the early bird, and I'm the night owl. She's a brunette, I'm a blonde. She gets straight C's, I get straight A's. This makes sense because we're technically not related. When I was born my parents decided that they wanted me to have a sibling that was the same age as me (they were hoping for twins)... without knowing really what to do, they turned to adoption. A few months later, I had a sister. I'm still older but only by a few weeks. But that doesn't matter to me.

"What is it, Zoe?"

"You're ex-boyfriends on TV!" She shouted in my face.

"Which one?"


"Oh god…" she grabbed my arm and dragged me across the hall and into her bedroom. I sat on her pink bed in front of the flat screen television. And she was right. There he was, completely gorgeous, blonde, blue eyed Devon, being hand cuffed and put into a cop car. A female reporter was saying:

"… This eighteen year old boy was arrested last night for robbery of a local pharmacy just outside of town…"

"I can believe it," I said as I walked over next to my sister. "he always was a trouble maker!" with this I smiled, because Zoey started giggling. Her laugh was contagious! So for the next fifteen minutes we giggled over my very long, past relationship with Devon.

"I'm getting kind of hungry…" Zoey said. We looked at her clock and saw it was almost seven thirty.

"Let's go get something to eat!" I said and jumped up. I raced her down the stairs and in to our kitchen. Zoey started brewing coffee and I made some egg whites. In our family we are very concerned about our health, so everything in the house is either organic or fat free.

Zoe and I have mornings to ourselves because our mother Nicole is a dentist and my father is a news reporter on channel 52. My mom leaves at about six every morning and my dad leaves at about five. We have the house all to ourselves. We both sat down on our bar stools at the counter and ate our breakfast while gossiping about boys at school.

Zoe and I are both dating. Zoe is currently with "emo" as I call him or Mike as she calls him. Mike is goth, which is why I don't understand why Zoey is dating him because she's so… colorful… and he's just not. Well, I guess opposites attract in a very odd way.

"I have a date with Mike today at noon." Zoey said, breaking me away from my thoughts.

"Oh cool, so how is emo doing?" I smiled.

"God, Ang," she rolled her eyes. "I wish you wouldn't call him that…"

"Okay, sorry, I won't call him that anymore—"

"Thank you."

"—I'll call him Ome!"

"Oh-me…. Seriously, well I guess that's okay… he won't understand what you're talking about."

"That's very…true!" We both started laughing. I looked the clock and it was almost eight o'clock. "Well I have to go take a shower."

"Okay," Zoey said. "I'm just going to chill." I nodded and got up. I ran up the stairs two-by-two and walked into my room and closed the door. I looked around to observe my bedroom. My bed was in the corner of my room right in front of the window. The black, lime, and lilac comforter went well with the white walls, without clashing. On the wall above the headboard is a Metro Station poster. An oak dresser and desk were on the other side of the room, and next to that was a flat screen TV. I love my room, it's huge, not to mention it has a walk in closet, balcony and a bathroom!

I stepped into the walk in closet and picked out a white spaghetti strap cami and a lime green mini skirt. These pieces of clothing we could get away with in California in mid May. I walked into the bathroom with my clothes and turned the water all the way up. I turned on the straightening iron and put my clothes in the hamper. I stepped into the shower and let the scalding hot water beat down on my skin.

I stayed in the shower for almost an hour. When I stepped out of the shower, I could see in the mirror that my skin was bright red. I looked like a lobster! I quickly changed into my clothes and walked over to my makeup cabinet. I took out brown eyeliner, pink blush and clear lip gloss. I started putting the makeup on when I heard my cell phone ringing in my bedroom. I ran into my bedroom and grabbed my cell phone. I hit "Answer" on the touch screen.

"Hello," I said breathlessly into the phone.

"Hey, babe." The amazing, velvet voice that makes my heart melt said. "How are you doing today?"

"Hey, Derek." I said in that totally-head-over-heels-for-this-guy voice."I'm okay…"

"That's good, so are you doing anything today?" I could hear a smile in his voice.

"Um… I have to study for an English lit test but I guess I could do that tomorrow…. So I guess I'm free!"

"Awesome, so do you want to go to the beach later?"

"Yeah, I'd love that!" I bit my lip and danced around silently.

"Okay, so I'll pick you up around noon?"

"Sounds good to me!!!" I practically screamed.

"Okay, see you then Ang." I could tell he was excited too. I hung up the phone. I decided to take it with me this time in case someone was going to call me again. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and finished putting my make up on.

When I finished, I looked at my appearance. My blonde hair was naturally curly and frizzy, I hated it! Which is why I swear by straightening irons! I have round blue eyes, full lips, high cheek bones and straight white teeth. I have a semi-girly figure, long legs and a long torso, though I'm not that tall: I think I'm like 5"8. I'm sort of built like my grandmother, but I'm exactly like my dad (except for hair color, I got that from my mom and I got my blue eyes from my grandfather.)

I started blow drying my hair when my cell rang, again, this time is was a text from Jake.

Jake: Hey Angela, what are you doing today? Want to go to the movies or something?

Now, I know what you are all thinking, no I'm not cheating on Derek, Jake is my best friend and has been since second grade. I quickly replied:

Angela: Hey Jake, sorry I can't, me and Derek are going to the beach 12.

A second later, my phone rang again to signal his response.

Jake: Oh, it's okay, I understand! My little Angela is growing up =[

Angela: Stop it!

Jake: Heh, sorry, but it's true; you don't have time for your best friend anymore!

Angela: Aw, I'm sorry Jake!

Jake: It's okay!

Angela: Why don't you come over tomorrow so we can study for the English lit test?

Jake: Sounds great! I'll be there at eleven!

Angela: Okay, talk to you soon!

Jake: Bye, Ang.

Angela: Bye, Jake.

I shut my phone and put it on the counter. I ran my fingers through my hair. It's very hard being friends with Jake. I used to like him, however many years ago, and he liked me as well. We of course told each other three years later… but we made a deal that one would tell the other if they ever started liking them again. He hasn't said anything, which is good I guess, but sometimes I just wonder…

Jake has been having a hard time with me going out with Derek… or any other guy. He has never said anything to me, but when I look at him I can see it in his eyes. I finished drying and straightening my hair and then I walked across that hall and opened my sister's bedroom door.

"Zoey?" I called as I walked in, she wasn't there. I looked at my watch, it was ten thirty. She's probably downstairs. I glided down the stairs gracefully; I'm so good at going down the stairs that I can do it with my eyes closed.

"Zoey!?" I called again. Still no answer. I walked into the living room, and Zoe was there. But so was Mike. Caught kissing… haha never thought I would use that term. "Um… Zoe?"

Zoey jumped a foot and landed on the floor, Mike turned around to glare at me. His long black hair was neatly in place he was wearing a black sweatshirt and black skinny jeans.

"Oh, wassup Ome?" I asked with a smile.

"What did you just call me?" was his only reply.

"Oh, hi Ang. We were just…" Zoey began to say.

"Kissing?" I finished her sentence for her.

"Oh… you caught that?"

"Yeah, sorry I barged in; I just came down to tell you that I have a date with Derek at noon."

"Oh, okay, thanks for telling me."

"Um… Zoe? Can I talk to you in the kitchen?"

"Um… sure?" She looked at Mike and he nodded. "I'll be back in one second Mike!"

"Later, Ome!" I said as a walked out of the room. Zoey followed behind me. Once we got into the kitchen, we took a seat on the bar stools.

"So… what do you want to talk about?" Zoe asked suspiciously.

"Oh… I just had a girly question that I didn't feel like asking you in front of Ome. It would have embarrassed him."

"Okay… shoot."

"How was it?"

"How was what?"

"Kissing him! Is he a good kisser?"

"It was…good."

"So, is he a good kisser?"

"YES!" she squealed

"I'm proud of you, I think that's the only guy you have dated that's a good kisser!"

"No, what about that guy I dated in 8th grade?"

"Oh yeah, he was a good kisser. I know from experience!"

"That cheater."

"Yeah, he went behind your back and kissed your own sister!" I practically screamed. "Not that I enjoyed it…" I looked at the floor, which is what I always did when I lie.

"Ohmigod! I don't care about Ken anymore! I don't care if you enjoyed it!"

"Oh… okay." I smiled at her. "Because I did!" We started laughing again. I feel so bad if I ever lie to Zoey. All of a sudden we heard a voice in the living room call out:

"Hey, you girly girls done chit-chatin' so me and my girlfriend can go on our date!?" Mike shouted. I sighed and turned to Zoey, she just shrugged.

"Coming, Mike!"

"Have a good time guys! Bye, Ome!" I screamed as Zoey and Mike walked out the front door. Now I had the next hour and a half to myself. I put my swim suit on under my clothes and packed my beach bag. This was going to be a fun day! Surfing, tanning, boarding, swimming. And all of this I got to do with the only person I felt like spending today with, my boyfriend Derek.

Just as I finished this thought. The doorbell rang. Here we go! I thought as I ran down the stairs. I prepped myself in front of the doorway and opened the glass door. Derek stood there looking completely gorgeous as usual. His light brown hair had blonde highlights scattered in it from him being out in the sun. He was wearing a white T-shirt that showed off his muscles and blue swim trunks.

"Hi, Derek!" I said and I hugged him. He hugged back for a second, then he pulled away. Derek leaned in and kissed me on the lips before saying anything. I could feel my knees giving out, good thing he was strong because I don't think that I'm the one that's forcing me to stand up.

"Hey, Ang!" He said, his voice making my heart turn into a big, pink puddle. "Why don't we get going?" He put his arm around my shoulders. We stepped into his white mustang convertible. He put his hand around mine and started driving. All I could think of was this amazing day we were going to have. But would it stay this way?

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