I think I'll go for a walk today, where the air is soft and warm

As my body's torn and thrown about in some vague unnoticed storm

The birds they sing and fly around and I can't help but admire

The way they peck my eyes and arms and the way that they conspire

So wondrously enamored I can't be bothered to look down

At the beauteous grass and flowers withering quite brown

Meanwhile I check the time, which reads "Half-Past Forever"

The AM/PM system has danced beyond my endeavor

Subconsciously I stop sensations tickling at my head

And dreamily I lick away my fingers, wet sticky and red

Gently rainy wind blurs my vision like soft static

Shrieks and screams that whisper to me

It's alright

Don't panic.

Please oh please cure my disease I'm begging you on wounded knees as my heartbeat stutters and flutters I'm reaching for the wire cutters I lie and try to live on by and tweak the leak on my mystique but on and on I'm feeling gone you say the day has come to stay unsheathing teeth hung like a wreath I can't believe in this reprieve with bloody sleeves and dying leaves and hate that heaves I scream and scream for one more dream of love redeemed and you oh you say not to hurry never scurry and don't worry don't worry don't worry

I smile.