Rawr Rawr Dinosaur
rawr rawr rawr rawr
dino dino dino saur

Dino eats your money
dino eats your lunch
dino eats your mommy
munch munch munch

Dino eats your telephoney
dino eats all your bologna
and your ice cream coney

Dinosaurs are neato
Dinosaurs are fun
I love my little dino
but now its time to run!

Life is uneventful
life is such a bore
but with my little Dino
Life's meaningful once more!

When I bought him he was oh so small,
I loved to play catch with him,
but now he's ten feet tall,
he ate the house,
the couch and trees,
he ate the dog despite it's fleas!

He grew and grew and wouldn't stop,
they tried to relocate him,
but then he ate the cop!

Now my Dino was rather fat,
then he ate my grandma and then he ate her hat,
Somehow the madness had to end,
We got him a cage but then he wouldn't fit,
And I screamed in terror when upon my neighbor's house,
he began to sit.

He was oh so pretty,
all blue and green with spots of gold,
it was such a pity,
when my parents decided he must be sold.

A.N. I was thinking about continuing this for some reason.