I remember it as not too long ago.

He watched me intently as if I was a fragile glass statue about to break, I liked that but it was still somewhat creepy. I turn my head to admire the pretty new pink slippers my mom had bought me for my 7th birthday. I turn my head back and see that the boy was gone.

"Dillon?" a voice whispered behind me.

I just about jumped a foot off the ground. This was pretty amazing considering I was still sitting on the ground. A round of applause? Thank you very much.

I turned and saw the boy that had been eying me. It was Elliot Parker, a boy who lived in my neighborhood since the day I was born. I raised my eyebrow to him noticing that he had a handful of daisies in one hand and was completely covered in dirt. Just how I liked them (sarcasm). Elliot Parker coughed before he decided to talk.

" Well I just wanted you to k-know that I r-really like you a-and I would r-really like it if y-you would be m-my girlfriend." he stuttered, turning the exact same color as my shoes.

I guess my eyebrow must have been very close to my hairline because he shoved the daisies in my hand and ran off. I had to hide my face behind the daisies to stop myself from laughing when I saw him tumble and get back up only to trip and go flying toward the giant mud puddle awaiting him. Yeah, I had to try pretty hard.

Those were the good old days, back when Elliot would give me flowers and a handmade ashtray that looked strangely curved (or maybe it was a bowl, I don't remember) and ask me out on an almost daily basis only to receive one of my trademark eyebrow raises and an "are-you-on-crack-or-were-you-just-dropped-on-your-head-as-a-baby?" look that was followed by extreme blushing (Elliot) and eye rolling (me).

Things had changed drastically since then. I mean like really changed. First of all, I was no longer the shy little cookie cutter girl. I was on the cool side of cool (there are two sides, bitch and cool). As a matter of fact I was the head of the cool side of cool. Cool, right? One of my best friends Tina was the head of the bitch side of cool. I don't see why though, she was always nice to me and my friends and would beat the crap out of anybody who messed with me. Oh sorry, I'm kind of going off track. Elliot was the one that had the most shocking change of all. He went from bashful little momma's boy to the "boy-that-all-the-good-girls-want" slash bad boy. And if you were wondering, he stopped asking me out on his 11th birthday. Shocker, huh?

Well I guess I should move on now.