To Sleep in Winds:

Onward I stare,
Toward my death and my dawn.
I can feel her breathe,
Hear the thunderous pulse of her open heart.

The beauty of destruction,
Rolled tightly into her curvy frame,
And even though she twists closer every other second,
I find my inspiration in the splendor and potential death.

The skies have darkened over the fields,
And look!
They flow like that of the most gorgeous sea!
As does my heart for this Goddess of disasters.

Please embrace me,
Lift me high into any form of heaven,
Literal or figurative,
As you would a leaf,
A tree,
A home.

I'm back to the skies,
I apologize for getting ahead of myself.
She confuses me in the most wondrous of ways.

The skies are so many calm and cool shades.
Brown. Blue. Grey. Black.
A painting that twists as do the stars of Van Gogh,
Round and round
Around my mind,
Twisting me with fear, love, and respect.

I am violently lifted into the air.
Into those blues, those browns, that heaven.
Finally here, finally with full understanding,
I can sleep in the winds of blood, dirt and debris.