This is the final battle, me and my men
here to fight to the last breath,
every single one of them
swords drawn in anticipation
you can see the pre-fight sweat glisten
hands anxiously gripping
you can feel the tension rising
as the enemy marches into view
horrors of a time lost to man, huge
in the sleep-stricken eyes of the few
that stand by my side
everywhere, the fear, that today they will die
but this fight must be fought
for freedom can not be bought
with just money or jewels
but with the blood and the sweat
of a few, a multitude
on my honor, I will see this through
this battle must be fought
or else all hope will be lost
we are the last line of defense
before they reach our homes, the helpless
women and children
God help us, we need every hope
as the enemy draws nearer, it tightens like the noose's rope
and the floor drops from beneath
chests tighten, no more time to breathe
this is the end, no matter what
we fight to the death, or until our freedom is won
on my honor, I will see this through until it's done