What is this I'm feeling
What could it be that has me reeling
so drunk from the thought of being with you
so lost in the dark at the thought of life without you
a million things that can't be denied
That dwell in my heart, they can not hide
Could this be what I've dreamed of
Could it be that with you, I find love
So many times I've asked for it
And so many more I thought it
was forever beyond my reach
Then you came into my life, ever so sweet
and found your way through to my heart, my soul
Who would have known
That you're the one I dreamed of so long ago
When I dreamed of love so deep
and now you're here in front of me
I love you, dear sweet heart
with my entire being, my entire.
I love your everything about you
I love you through and through
There is nothing I would seek to change
and this love I have will remain
Until the sands of time run out
Of this, I have no doubt
You're the one for me
My reason for being