Oh Juliet,
How is it that your tender love can come and wane?
The beautiful waves of your radiance gracing my plutonic shore,
Only to recede with the tide to venture else where.
To other shores.
To other harbors.
Reveling my ship wreaks and loosed anchors.
Mooring me to them again, with chains far too short
Holding me under as the tide of sorrow rushes to fill the void you have left
In that one particular harbor that is my heart's home port.

So now I struggle for breath
Your beautiful light just beyond the grasp of this sailor so shrouded in the dark depths of sorrow
Asphyxiated by the heavy chains that are my mistakes and flaws
Bound to the floor, while the tide comes with dark wings to take me away
To Davy Jones where I hope I may find rest.