They say I don't want a boyfriend; that I might be homosexual.

They're idiots, great gossips that need to find some friends.

What they don't know that I've liked plenty of boys before -- but, I've a heart to mend. Who is to say I don't like anyone? -- that it's not just denial?

I have liked many before...but I have bad taste. The world is a stupid place to live, but what can you do? The world is stupid and tainted with broken love; and every single man, down to the last rotten core, is an idiot who thinks it's all a joke.

Women are not their sex toys, but they think different -- think that we're not real, that we are the flowers and they the bees; once they finish fertilizing, they can leave the flower behind, abandoned and defiled. Women are not their sex toys, but do they listen?

Before the "fairer sex" was honored, before there was no divorce, and couples were always loyal and faithful. Where did all that go? -- today, we are equals of men, but now beliefs are gone -- today, we are viewed as flowers to throw away.

Those who think that way are idiots; we are flowers, flowers that wish for a bee that will someday come, swoop in and stay and love us...and never leave, never sneer, treat us like equals, not beings that could be defiled and discarded.

But bees are never like that.

They always leave.

And I know that -- and many women should know too. That is why I have no interest -- not anymore.

Now I like someone -- I think, maybe. Maybe. But I won't say it. Because, someday, I know that he will leave -- turn on me, like all the others, even if he is the kindest person on Earth, he will turn around...and the last I will see of him is his retreating back.