A St. Paddy's Day Brawl

Hazy smoke drifted through the dark air as it floated along the vibrations caused by the loud patron of the bar while they listened to music. The bar was more than packed, and everyone was Irish tonight it seemed. One every person was some form of green; whether it be a shirt, gaudy beads, or a hat, it seemed that everyone had kissed the Blarney Stone and all congregated together.

Forcing his was through tightly packed bodies Luke avoided getting beer spilled on him as he hopped onto a barstool next to his lover Eric. Both were in high spirits, for various reasons. Eric had finally managed to land a promotion at his job and thus he was getting paid more while not working as many hours. Luke had transferred from his old restaurant to a more high class one and was now part-time maître d'. And both had just survived the grueling trials of their senior midterms at college. They were one step closer to graduating.

So tonight, in celebration, both men were going to have a good time, and damn anyone who said otherwise.

Poking Eric in the side, Luke leaned over and placed a chaste kiss on his lover's cheek.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you Eric?" he asked quietly, so as to be overheard by anyone else.

Eric gave a smile that was part coy and part embarrassment. Despite being the "bigger" man in their relationship, there were times when Eric felt tiny compared to Luke; the other man had been through so much in life, and it was both refreshing yet intimidating to know that there was nothing that could get his dark skinned lover to snap and break down. So when Luke showed moments of weakness to Eric, the football player felt like he could take on the world with the amount of trust placed in him.

"You show me everyday heart, in so many ways." Eric whispered into Luke's ear, gently nibbling on it. Luke shivered and flushed – the look he gave Eric promised retribution when they went home. Chuckling at the lust-filled glare, Eric looked over to the bartender and signaled for another round.

Moving quickly, Luke reached over and pinched Eric's ass. The man jumped in his stool and rounded on Luke, eyes wide and mouth open in shock. Giving another evil grin, Luke moved away, promising to be right back as he went to the bathroom.

Eric shook his head. Honestly, despite his and Luke's union, and their living together for several years as roommates before that, Eric still hadn't figured out all there was to the other man. One day Luke would be quiet, almost somber, but still full of life. And other days he would laugh and smile, but only to hide that something was bugging him and he didn't want others to know. Yet in the end, Eric would always swoop down and carry off Luke for something fun to do.

"That's some guy you got there bud."

Looking over, Eric saw another guy talking to him. The stranger was of similar build as him, yet a bit older and stockier. With a grayish beard and dark, beady eyes, the man seemed to be undressing Eric with his eyes. Shifting his shoulders uncomfortably, Eric said "Yeah, he's something else. You havin' a good time man?" He carried on the conversation, trying to stay friendly. But he was having a difficult time as the stranger leered at him.

Nodding and giving a smile that was meant to be friendly, but was anything but, the man stuck out his hand. "Name's Greg. Just celebrating with every other person here."

Eric gave a half-felt grin, silently wondering what Luke was doing. Shaking the proffered hand, the college man noticed the barman had delivered his and Luke's beer. Sipping at his and moving Luke's off to the side, Eric remained silent as he took in the beverage. Finishing off that sip, he resumed the talk. "I'm Eric, nice to meet you."

"So what's a hot stud like you doing here?" Greg asked innocently.

Eric was getting bad vibes off this man, but pushed them aside. Looking over his shoulder at the direction Luke went, Eric continued. "I'm here with my lover, just enjoying the celebrations like everyone else."

"Ah, I see." Greg said nothing more, and Eric hoped that that would be the end of the awkward conversation. "Well," no such luck it seemed, "would you two be interested in a proposition I have?"

Eric began sipping more and more at his beer. For some reason, his beer tasted a bit off, and he didn't seem to be getting any less thirsty. If anything, his beer tasted a bit salty and wasn't quenching his thirst. Taking another gulp, Eric almost missed what Greg said.

"S-sorry man. Repeat that 'gain?" he asked with a slight slur. Crap how much had he had to drink?

Eric stared at Greg's face, and only managed to catch snippets of what was being said. His vision was blurring and it was as if his hearing was dulled as well. Shifting his weight, Eric tried to stand up, only to fall into the arms of Greg.


"Nrgh…" Eric moaned in response to Greg. Where was Luke? He felt Greg feel him up and wrap an arm around him, slowly directing him towards the side door of the bar. Struggling weakly, Eric tried to call out for help. Something was wrong, where was Luke?

"Hey asshole, get your hands off my guy!"

Luke had taken longer than expected at the bathroom. Throw in a bunch of guys who have consumed nothing but beer for the majority of the night and you had some very long lines. He had just finished washing his hands when he came into the main room to discover some old man trying to steal his lover. Racing over, he yanked Eric loose.

The unexpected movement caught the other two men off guard, and Eric collapsed into a group of people. In a muddled attempt to catch himself, Eric grabbed at Greg's coat and pulled, causing the pocket to rip. A small bag fell out an, before anyone could react, Luke reached down and read what was written on it.

In small, nearly illegible script was the name GHB.

GHB. Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid.

The Date Rape drug.

Luke looked up at the man who had held Eric, who now had a ripped pocket where the drug fell from, who was going to do the unspeakable to his love.

Luke saw red.

With a scream, he launched himself at the man. With his hands clenched, he shot out and felt his fist connect with flesh. Hot liquid soaked his hand and Luke, in his angered haze, saw the man recoil in pain as his nose was broken. Not pausing, Luke's other hand whipped out and clenched fabric. Pulling with strength he didn't know he had, Luke yanked the would-be-rapist and lifted his knee with another roar, connecting solidly with tender flesh between legs. The man gave a high pitch scream as he collapsed onto the bar floor.

Luke felt himself being pulled back. Snarling, he tried to twist free; he wanted this pathetic excuse of a human to suffer like HIS Eric would have! Fighting, Luke kept pulling until he heard his name being called.

"Luke…Luke….plesh shtooop!"

Breathing heavily, Luke realized that it was Eric holding him tightly. Even in his drugged state, he had managed to get up and pull Luke off the man. Turning, Luke saw Eric looking at him with cloudy eyes as he tried to keep his balance. All around, people were yelling at the sudden brawl that took place, trying to figure out what happened. Luke looked at Eric with wide eyes as he panted, the pulsing adrenaline in his blood slowly draining.

Feeling his face grow heated, Luke buried himself inside Eric's chest as he started crying.


It wasn't until about an hour later before Luke and Eric were released from the police who showed up at the bar. After cuffing Greg, getting statements from everyone, and collecting the illegal drug, Eric and Luke were finally free.

Now the two were walking back to their apartment, listening to the city night life as they made the short trek. The paramedics had said that the drug would wear off in a couple of hours. Luke just had to make sure that Eric drank plenty of water before going to bed and that he rested the next day. Luke had cried for a while before finally calming down.

"Hey Luke…" Eric whispered.

Snapping out of his reverie, Luke looked over at his lover. Eric had a downcast look to him, like a kicked puppy, and it broke his heart seeing it. "What is it Eric?"

Not answering for a moment, Eric looked everywhere but directly at Luke. Finally, Eric looked over and asked quietly, "Why did you freak out so badly? I've never sheen you do shometing like t-that before…"

"Oh Eric…" Luke sighed. How could he put into the words the sudden fear, the blazing rage, and the cold-hearted sadistic pleasure of hurting Greg? Taking Eric's hand and leading the slightly wobbly man into an alleyway. Gently pushing Eric against a brick wall, Luke leaned against him and breathed in his lover's scent. Eric always had a unique musk; with the mixture of sweat, his personal cologne, and the laundry detergent, it was one of the few scents that could calm Luke down completely.

Whispering quietly, Luke looked up into Eric's slightly hazed eyes. "You h-have no idea, what it-t was like, seeing you helpless." Luke started, a slight quiver entering his voice. "You're my rock and shield Eric, and seeing you completely vulnerable at the hands of some pervert almost shattered my world." Gulping down tears and shallow breaths, Luke pressed on. "If that had happened to you Eric, I don't know what I would have done. You would need me to be strong for you in ways I've never been before, and I don't think I could do it." Fresh tears were falling down Luke's cheeks now as he clenched his eyes tightly and grasped onto Eric's sweater vest.

"Luke, my heart, you have no idea how big you are in my eyes."

"Huh?" Luke asked, looking up back at Eric.

Placing his large and calloused hands on Luke's shoulders, Eric slowly maneuvered the two of them around so that Luke's back was now pressing against the brick wall. Kneeling down, Eric now looked up at Luke's questioning eyes.

"You keep me strong, so much that you don't even know Luke. When I want to run away from a play on the field, I see you cheering for me, and I get brave. When I want to just throw away my textbooks, you remind me of how smart I am."

Eric was rambling under the drug's influence as his hands slowly roamed all over Luke's body. Cupping his lover's head with one large and calloused hand, Eric leaned forward and brought their mouths together. Luke groaned in response as both his and Eric's tongues dueled for domination. Eric slowly got down on his knees, causing Luke to tilt his head down as well.

Breaking off with a husky whimper, Eric moved his hands onto the wall, locking Luke in place. "You took care of me Luke, now let me take care of you."

Without another word, Eric quickly moved to Luke's pants and began undoing the buckle and zipper. Luke didn't have time to react before Eric took a firm hold of his slightly hardened dick. With lust filled eyes, Eric looked back up at Luke.

Moving slowly closer, Eric growled out, "Seeing you Luke…" his face was a foot away from Luke's crotch, "…all fired up and angry…" inches now, "…was so fucking…" Luke could feel Eric's warm breath on his cock, "…hot."

Before Luke could react, his shaft was engulfed by a now hot and moist orifice, sucking gently, bringing him to full hardness. Gasping at the unexpected assault on his body, Luke hunched over, his hands weaving into and clutching Eric's head of hair. Clutching tightly, Luke tried to stifle any loud moans that would alert other nighttime pedestrian's to his and Eric's new activity.

But alas, his body seemed to have other plans.

A high whine escaped from Luke's mouth, sounding much louder in his own ears. Eric didn't stop his ministrations. Instead, he only increased his focus on Luke, bobbing up and down, lapping at Luke's cock with an overabundance of enthusiasm. Opening his eyes, Eric could see that Luke wasn't going anywhere and he began the next phase of his plan.

Gently and slowly, Eric began pulling down the rest of Luke's pants, soon exposing all of his smaller lover's dark yet smooth legs. Eric heard Luke make noises of confusion. He increased his working on Luke's body, moving his tongue from Luke's cock to his sack, which had remained untouched until now. Luke cried out at the foreign yet pleasurable sensations, his body twitching in spasms.

"E-Eric…I'm c-close!" Luke panted out, his hair matted down with sweat.

Not wasting any motions, Eric shifted one of his hands free of Luke's waist and reached into his back pocket, fishing out a small tube of lubricant. With skills belying that of a football player, Eric managed to get the cap off and three of his fingers covered in the liquid goo, and snaked them in Luke's firm ass. Moving his mouth back to Luke's cock, Eric began suckling and lightly nibbling at the engorged flesh. Luke cried at the sharp yet erotic feelings erupting from his groin. He felt his release coming even faster now.

With a bright flash of light exploding in his eyes, Luke cried out as his body released into Eric. Luke buckled, his upper body arching over Eric's head. Spasms quaked all across him until finally, Luke felt the convulsions stop. Eric never missed a beat; while his lover came, he sucked harder than before, taking all that Luke had to offer. At the same time, in between the full body twitches, he snuck in one finger at a time, until all three were buried deep within Luke's hot and tight body.

Lifting up Luke's body with the one hand stretching him, Eric loomed over and growled, "Wrap your legs around me. Now!"

Luke was still in a daze. He hadn't had a blowjob in the longest time and feeling the strange yet familiar fingers inside of him, teasing his body with the promise of more, had him panting for another release. At Eric's command, he complied without thought. He felt the fingers leave his ass suddenly, them being yanked out as he was pressed even closer to the brick wall.

Whimpering in slight pain, Luke looked up as he heard the muffled sound of a zipper coming undone and jeans dropping to the ground. Eric gazed back down at him, his face a dangerous mixture of need and lust. He still wore his tight leather jacket, the heavy scent of the animal hide adding an erotic aroma to the sweat and pheromones already in the air.

"Prepare yourself." was all Eric said.

Luke looked up in confusion until he felt a very thick, very hot, very solid piece of flesh force its way deep inside him. Eric wasted no time in getting situated inside Luke and once he had all of himself in, he gave a contented sigh, as though he was finally home. Luke cried out and squirmed at the sudden intrusion. Yes Eric had prepped him, but it was quick, halfway done, and he had practically shoved himself in. He tightened his legs around Eric, locking the man in place so as to slowly get used to the sudden feeling of fullness.

Too bad Eric was a star athlete.

With another growl, Eric forced his hips back, breaking Luke's hold on him, and plunged back in. The sudden jarring on his asshole made Luke scream out until Eric roughly claimed his mouth once again. With one hand spread out on the wall keeping balance, and the other holding Luke's lower back in place, Eric took complete control of both the situation and his lover.

Not crying anymore, but still moaning under the assault over him, Luke broke the kiss off and buried his head in the junction between Eric's head and large shoulder. His hands gripped tightly at the back of his lover, as did his legs around the other's waist. Every time Eric would pull back for a thrust, Luke would relax his lower muscles. When Eric would take the plunge deep into him, Luke quickly tightened not only his leg muscles, but his ass as well, briefly immobilizing Eric for a few blessed moments. Then the process would repeat itself all over again.

Soon, Luke sensed Eric building up to the finish. Hearing the sounds of his jacket scraping against the rough surface of the wall, the slapping sounds both his and Eric's bare thighs made, and the deep groaning, Luke almost missed what Eric growled into his ear.

"Say it."

"What? Say – oh ugh! – Say what?" Luke moaned out as Eric pounded him.

"Say I'm yours. Say it Luke!" Even in his drugged state of mind, Eric seemed to possess a moment of clarity with the words.

"Urgh, you're mine! Mine!!!" Luke could barely get the words out now, as Eric seemed to delight in making it more difficult by slamming down right on his prostate.

"And you would fight for me, always?" Eric stopped his stabs into Luke, withdrawing completely his cock. "You would take on anyone for me Luke?"

"Yes! Please, put it back in me!" cried out Luke.

Eric seemed comfortable teasing Luke, slightly prodding at the entrance of his lover's entrance. "And you love me, totally and without uncertainty?"

Luke had had enough. Grabbing a fistful of Eric's hair, he yanked down his lover's head so they stared at each other eye to eye. With a low and domineering growl, Luke gritted out, "Yes I love you and I swear to God, if you don't put that cock of yours to good use I'm cutting it off and preserving it in a jar! Now fuck me damn you!"

With a look that screamed danger and possessiveness, Eric roared out, "Now that's more like it!" As that was said and done, he took hold of Luke's waist with both hands and slammed back in, sheathing himself completely. Luke howled out briefly before biting down on Eric's hardened neck muscles.

Eric cried out, not from the pain, no he found that highly stimulating, but from the sheer pressure his release brought. He dug into Luke one last time, slamming the smaller man into the wall and Luke tightened his hold on Eric, as a man holding to debris in a sea storm would.

They grunted and came; Eric deep within Luke and Luke on Eric's jacket. Luke felt the strength leave his legs and he lost his grip around Eric, hanging loosely between him and the alleyway wall. Slowly catching his breath, Luke felt Eric's hot breath on his neck, silence heavy between them.

"Eric, that was crazy" Luke whispered, the fact of what they had just done hitting him. He felt Eric slip out him, but the bigger man made no comment.

Luke tapped Eric's shoulder. "Eric? Love?"

Eric made a noise, and Luke leaned in to catch the noise.

Eric was quietly snoring. Luke's eyes widened at the realization.

"Oh fuck me…"


Eric groaned as he woke up. His head was throbbing and his stomach felt a bit queasy. Rubbing the grit out of his eyes, he looked around and saw that he was back in his and Luke's apartment, lying on their couch, fully dressed. One of his arm was wrapped around Luke, who was also dressed from the bar trip last night. Eric saw that Luke's attire was, for lack of a better word, flustered. Shaking his head in confusion, Eric began nudging Luke.

"Luke wake up. What happened last night at the bar?" Luke groaned as Eric's poking brought him into the waking world. "Heart, why are we fully dressed on our couch?"

Luke gave one final grunt and stood up, moving out of Eric's reach.

"Here's what happened last night Eric." Luke gritted out, sleep heavy in his voice. "We went to the bar. You almost got kidnapped. We made up with drugged up public sex. You passed out as soon as you finished screwing me into a brick wall." Luke crouched to his knees and glared at Eric. "I had to drag your unconscious ass 5 blocks to our apartment, where one of our neighbors, who was out for his morning run, had to help me pick your huge body up the stairs and into the living room, since I wasn't about to go the extra twenty feet to our bedroom."

Eric was silently listening to Luke's low but dangerous tirade.

"Now," started Luke, rising to his full height, "I am going to get undressed, take a shower to scrub off the grim from the bar, the alleyway, and the long trek home, and go back to bed. You can join me if you wish, but I am sleeping the rest of the day."

Eric watched as Luke turned and limped up the stairs. When Luke was out of sight, Eric called out, "Wait, we had sex in an alleyway? Is that's why you're limping?"

"Yes we had sex, and no, I'm not limping because we had sex. I'm limping because when you're drugged up, you get all dominating and power fucked me into submission!" Luke yelled down the stairs.

Eric couldn't hold back a grin as he called back, "Did you enjoy it at least?"

Luke's voice practically dripped with sarcasm. "Just stay on that couch Eric, because knowing you, you'd try to get me in the shower or the bed!"

"You'd like it!" Eric boomed out while he laughed.

The sound of the bathroom door slamming was his only answer, and Eric could only chuckle as he got up to get a screwdriver, planning already to pick the lock on the barrier between him and Luke.