Lonely Soldier

You are a shadow.

Your life is ghostly vapour trails
In a foreign land;
Under a breaking storm, wet uniforms
Packed tightly in the cold rain,
United in your partition.
And don't despair when the sky turns red
And blood blossoms in the sky
While innocents burn and the ruined fields
Wear their crowns of smoke
Don't worry; this is what you want.
It's what we told you to want.

You are a Spartan

Lovers parted under a darkling sky
While the generals waited;
The tint of dawn was grievous judgment.
And the boats pulled away
She still stands there, watching
Where the sea abandons the land
She wants to tell you the truth

Hardened footfalls on sun-scorched earth
Your face a mask,
As fire pours from the sky;
Melting up and around, a beautiful miasma
Arms like leaden metal, and earthquakes split the ground
You can hear the mothers singing
And armless children play hopscotch in the streets

You are a statistic

"For Queen and Country" rings in your head
You have no voice, we speak through you.
Your mind is our tool
Your body, a machination
Of Fate.

Sandstorms wipe the plates clean
And bunkers hunker down
Action figures on the tables, a child's board game
The generals are waiting

You are a savior

Our gilded lies have made you strong
City walls fall beneath your onslaught
There is no good or evil,
No hearts and heroes
Our villainy is their redemption
The Enemy is our puppet

Gunshots echo across blackened plains
The regal stars have turned invisible
The howling wind embraces your world
You are a child of greatness
And beauty
For you she waits
For you

The sand dunes are red at sunset
And the bunkers hide in rainshadows
We won the war before it started
Though the patriots riot in the streets
And the zealots preach their fallacies
You will cleanse their heresy
And our flag will stand tall atop the broken churches
Above this isle of dogs

You are a sacrifice

Suddenly the tall ones come
With cries of revenge
And amidst the pain and stripping flesh
Trumpets will escort you home
But don't worry,
This is the greatest moment of your life.

This is what we told you to want.

Now the city is empty
Empty highways stretch on into nothing
Charcoal fires have burnt out
As rubble clings to blue lips
You can feel this sickly-sweet freedom

Maybe numberless miles away
A young girl is standing on a hillside
Watching the sea overlap the stars, waiting
For invisible ship sails
On a non-existent breeze

And somewhere close by
A young girl is standing by the roadside
Watching the city crumble to dust, waiting
As rainfalls drop like steaming metal
Washing away the sins and silence from the dark

Don't worry, lonely soldier
Though strangers will never know you
Don't worry, lonely soldier
The world will bury you
Don't worry, lonely soldier
You will die for your country.

Would your country die for you?