The Monster

"And so we commit Carroll to the grave; ashes to ashes and dust to dust." the minister said solemnly as the casket was lowered into the rich damp soil.

Marie watched in silence as her sister was laid to rot in the earth at the young age of 17. The boy had caused this. The boy with the emerald eyes who was leaning against the tree a few feet from her grave, tugging at his tie, and shifting from foot to foot. Beside him stood his new blond girlfriend, arms securely linked around his waist as she smiled smugly at the closed coffin. For a moment, Marie pictured herself walking up to them. Pictured her hand around the boy's throat. She could almost hear the sweet sound of him gasping for breath as her sister surly did seconds before the darkness robbed her of her life. She could almost see her fist making contact with his pretty little girlfriend's face. The satisfying smacking sound and the sight of that beautiful blond head of hair snapping violently back were tantalizingly close in Marie's imagination.

As the minister finished his long speech, Marie concentrated on envisioning their expressions. How striking crimson blood would look as a backdrop to those green eyes. Maybe he would scream at her. Maybe he would strike back. Anything would be better then watching him stand there without remorse, without guilt for what he had done.

Suddenly, Marie realized she was moving. She could see him grin at her and begin to walk towards her. He wanted a fight. He wanted to play the victim. Anything to extend his fifteen minutes of fame. They meet halfway, a few feet from the open grave. Eyes meet in a battle of fire and ice, anger and satisfaction, hate and victory.

Marie's lips twitched, eyes became flames, and hands began to tremble. Marie's hand reached forward towards his starched collar. Fingers closed around the boys tie straitening it from the crooked position the boy had yanked it into.

"You were her world." Marie said with a sigh. Smiling a soft smile at the wide-eyed gapping girlfriend, Marie skirted the two and headed for the car.

A thousand eyes were at her back. Surprised eyes which turned thoughtful, then bright with understanding before narrowing in anger. All were now staring at the boy with the emerald eyes. The boy began to tremble, his smile fading quickly. His shoulders began to shake. The boy's eyes finally lowered to the ground. A sob escaped his lips, then another, and another.

Marie continued walking, but she heard the sound of his crying. She heard the soft voice of the blond at his side, and the thundering smack that followed as his open palm hit the girl's creamy peach cheek. She smiled at the shocked gasps of the crowd. Only once did she look back, just for a moment so she could see the monster weep.