Playing with Fire

Foxxy has entered the chat room

Foxxy: Hello, anyone out there? Answer me ppl!!!

Quickfire: Hi there Foxxy.

Foxxy: Quickfire what U up to?

Quickfire: In room. Parents are fighting.

Foxxy: Y?

Quickfire: Old man is being a dick again. Stole from mom. Get this, from my f***ing college fund. So much for Yale.

Foxxy: That a** !! Any way to raise the money back?

Quickfire: Yeah, shoot him. That's about the only money left at this point. Should put a bullet through that man's head.

Foxxy: Lol can't do that. They would throw you into a prison quicker than he could hit the ground. No, you have to be a little more creative then that.


Foxxy: Well, you don't want to end up in prison do you? lol think again.

Quickfire: Umm… Poison maybe laudanum in that crappy brandy he constantly drinks. U know do the whole Claudia thing.

Foxxy: Can see the headlines now "Ode to the movies, drunken dick meets his end, vampire style" lol. I like that, but no to easily traced. Think again. Oh hey, if we're going to do it movie style, Y don't U cut the break line? U know old school ; ).

Quickfire: Yeah, like I know where that is. Do U?

Foxxy: No lol.

Quickfire: Thanx your useful.

Foxxy: LMAO sorry.

Quickfire: Well that's out. What else?

Foxxy: I got it. Stab him.

Quickfire: And this is better than shooting him how?

Foxxy: Easy, U still have that wood chipper right?

Quickfire: Yeah.

Foxxy: And your neighbor still has those rotties right?

Quickfire: Yeah.

Foxxy: Well, U remember that time your old man said that U will never amount to a pile of dog s***.

Quickfire: Yeah.

Foxxy: Karma. Lol

Quickfire: LMAO. Perfect.

Foxxy: If only, right?

Foxxy: Right?

Foxxy: Quickfire, U still there?

Quickfire has left the chat room.