*I carry my face in my hands every day

Just in case it starts dissolving away

*So no soul can see the raw underneath

It's agony to think about, like pulling teeth

*I try everything in my power to improve my exterior

Then why do I constantly feel so inferior?

*Mirror shards drench my bathroom floor

I'm discontent, always wanting more

*Take away my face paint, I'm not a clown

Swallowed by my own critiques, I drown

*Whose eyes am I trying to please but mine?

I've secluded myself inside, I drew the line

*Cut out my eyes they serve no purpose

Filling in the crease of my eye, Is it worth it?

*Empty pleasure filled with blush

I still feel the same, the agonizing crush

*That accompanies the feelings of emptiness

Who would of known makeup was such a mess