Untitled, which is a lie, 'cause here it is:

Creativity? That's a Joke!

Kukamunga Applebutter,
Random words to misspell and stutter,
In this state
With a lack of inspiration,
My nation of lackidaisical notions,
Who knows what the fuck I might come up with!

Alabaster Alcatraz,
Plain as day! Black and white!
A prisoner in my own damn mind!
Why can't I find a reason to write!?

Am I such a terrible artist?
Can I only write when I am "pissed"?
I'm a liar!
I'm a friar!
Another lie!
Are there even friars still around!?

Why do gorillas got big nostrils?
'Cause they got big fingers!
Mindless self-indulgance is the only double negative for me!

I can make it up as I go,
But I have no real talent to show
In improvizations and other things of the sort,
I guess my excuse is just that i'm bored...bort..