*Currently we are in a recession

But that doesn't quench my Jobros obsession

*Hear them ,see them, dream them, own them

Everything they do makes me adore them

*Ray-Bans, scarves, vests, high tops

Salivating over their curly mops

*Voices cracking, forever young

Listened to every song they sung

*Energizes me in the morning dawn

They're telling me just to "Hold On"

*Laughed at every joke they told

Seen that video 100 times, never gets old

*They gaze at me from my school notebooks

Classmates giving me dirty looks

*They can never fully understand

The greatness of that three boy band

*Their stage flips inspire drool

My tongue is wagging like a fool

*Their gentle kindness puts me in a whirl

Causing every fanatic to feel like their girl

*Fashion forward, sultry swagger

Joe's got better moves than Mick Jagger

*People who bash them watch your back

They are everything that you lack

*Fame, fortune, and humble too

They'd never claim to be above you

*But I know better, to tell you the truth

I've become a Jonas Brothers sleuth

*I know them better than U.S history

Did you know Kevin drives a Lamborghini?

*Nick has diabetes and Joe smells of prada

Wanna see pictures? You know I got a lotta

*Five minutes can't pass without running my mouth off

Retelling their quotes or of their new coif

*Joe wants to shoot bacon out of his eyes

Every time he bats them my heart dies

*No matter what Nick does he always rocks

Even though he hates when people steal his socks

*Kevin's warm laugh fills me with delight

His righteous guitar spins are truly a sight

*Of the Jonas Brothers I can't get enough

Tossing their hair and flaunting their stuff

*I squeal when someone mentions their name

Everyone else tells me that I'm lame

*But my love for them shall carry on

Even after their fame is long gone

*Will this ever happen? We shall see

But no matter what, They'll always have ME!