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We have all heard at least one scary story in our lives.

Whether it is told to scare a little brother or sister, or perhaps a way to spice up the night shared between friends or family gathered around a campfire. It could also be an excuse a person may want to use to snuggle up with their significant other for "protection" while the horror story's plot thickens with fear, guts and gore.

Or a person may just be a huge horror movie fan.

The point being is that society enjoys those kind of stories because it gives us a chance to break away from the norm. It allows us to escape the banality of the everyday and at the same time lets us know that our lives could be much worse.

I mean, at least you aren't being chased through the woods by a guy carrying a chainsaw, right? It's a pretty safe assumption to say that you aren't currently hiding from a dude wearing a clown costume and a has meat hook for a hand, or trying to stop a mad man who escaped from a insane asylum. You aren't spending a hot summer day at a beach, enjoying your time there by swimming in the waves; all the while completely unaware that a large aquatic predator has taken notice of you and is currently creeping closer...and closer to you, unseen in the murky depths of the ocean...

And if stories like that aren't your thing, you don't even have to stick with just slasher flicks and creature features that most associate with horror! You can choose to browse the vast number of options the supernatural genre of these stories have to offer. Like ghosts, demons, and zombies. (oh my!) My favorite stories were those classics like Count Dracula, Frankenstein, Poltergeist, and the wolf man.

Those types of stories allow us the chance to experience them – to feel the thrill of immersing ourselves in the fear that comes with it. It enables us to see the main characters struggle for survival as well as voice our opinion on their stupidity based on the decisions they make. All of us would agree that any logical person would run out the front door and to a public place, rather than running upstairs. Because we all know that if the character goes for the latter option all he will achieve is getting effectively trapped inside so the killer/monster can kill him at its leisure.

Everyone has their reasons for experiencing these stories, but there is one ultimate part that everyone enjoys. The best part of those type of stories is that once it ends...we can come back to the real world, knowing that the story that was told was just that...a story. Something that was created for entertainment, but is completely and utterly false.

Because that's exactly what those kinds of stories are: a work of fiction.


One could argue that there is some truth to these tales in some form or another. There are countless breaking news stories about a husband who snaps and ends up killing his entire family because "the devil told him to." Or those events that occur which cannot be explained or proven by science, so they will eventually be written off as "an act of God" or "a miracle."

But then there are those stories that are just waaaay out there: werewolves, vampires, demons, ogres, fairies, or ghosts.

No way those could have any truth to them, right?

I'd really love to laugh and say "Yeah! Totally fake! Never in a million years would that stuff be even remotely true..."

But I'd be lying.

Don't get me wrong, I use to be like everyone who thought that was the world of make-believe.

I only wish I could have stayed in blissful ignorance.

The truth is...there is a world out there that remains hidden in the shadows. A world that makes what we have seen in those horror movies seem like a petting zoo in comparison.

People encounter this world all the time, yourself included. I know you are probably thinking I'm crazy for saying this stuff, but hear me out. It makes sense if you think about it.

You know how you sometimes get that creepy sensation on the back of your neck that makes your fight or flight response kick into high gear to the point where your body practically screams "run away". You can never explain that sensation because everything seems normal. You feel stupid about those sensations and want to shrug them off as nothing but paranoia. Yet, you still walk a little faster. Get to a safe and well lit area a little quicker.

Don't ever ignore those sensations. Your body is giving you those warning signs for a reason. Your "paranoia"...may have just saved your life.

There are things out there that look and act human, but are nothing like those they portray. There are things that have a beauty comparable to the gods. And that same beauty can slaughter you so fast your brain can't even process your demise, until you are lying on the ground, surrounded by a pool of your own blood.

These...beings have the power to control you, to enslave you, to make you want to follow their every word. To drive you mad. To wish for death.

There are creatures that go bump in the night, and they could be living right next door.

I know I sound crazy with this, but you gotta believe me. I was just this ordinary guy, struggling like all the other people to make it out there. I was perfectly mundane and living in my perfectly mundane world.

But one man, in all of his unnatural beauty, turned my perfectly normal little world upside down. He gave me life, and at the same time...destroyed me.

He gave me wings to well as the claws to bind me.

My name is Devon Livaudais, and this is my story.

Hey guys! Long time no see...well I couldn't wait anymore and decided to test the waters with my new and (hopefully) improved version of Claws chapters! I had a sudden epiphany that a prologue would help introduce the readers to my story. I feel like the way it was structured before made the real intent of the story kind of hazy.

This way, if you are a first time reader of it you know right away that something of the supernatural genre variety.


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