They fall so softly
Without a sound
But for such tiny things
They shed so much

One drop is all it takes
For the pain welling up inside
To be shed

For guilt
To be spread among those
Who pain the innocent

Just a single drop
Can speak a thousand words
And just one word
Can flow a thousand drops

And one smile through
Those cursed tears
Can make us think
They're happy tears you're crying

They fall everlasting
Not from the eyes
But from the most delicate hearts

Everything flows with them
They're a river of human weakness
That people try and hide
Why are we ashamed
To let them fall?

Sometimes they welt up so hard inside
You can't even let a single one flow
And sometimes a whole river could gush
On such a stupid reason
And you can't stop the pouring
No matter
How hard you try

But their pain
Is usually the greatest
For theirs are precious
And you know when they shed
It is their last resort

People shed them for love
They shed them for pain
They cry out without a voice
To the security
Of a friend

It's the eerie hollow chill
Of mental solitary confinement
Until someone you love
You care for
You would die for
Supports you in their arms
Spreading some of their warmth and love
Through your veins
Mounding it up
In your empty shell of a heart
Making you feel slightly more complete
Alive and loved

I am one of them
My feelings kept inside
But I am the only one responsible
For chaining myself
To all this misery
And these internal wounds
Will bleed forever

A/N: A poem me and my best friend wrote together, I also made it into a song. You'll never get Sam to shut up about it, its funny :)