Betwixt the earth and sky
Many things flutter and fly
But none are there that dare to match
The flight of souls, hand in hand
Two dreamers dreaming of forever
Two hearts doomed to love each other
Two souls meant to rediscover
for themselves, the path of love
that for most, is just a figment
a passing particle of imagination
but to us, a reality so sweet
as to; on it's own; live and breathe
And such sweet love it is
That fills us to the brim
O glorious day that brought us together!
Our love is young and looks to last forever!
The birds sing, signifying that this is our spring
That we should drink it up, enjoy, and spend it loving
For as each spring turns hence to summer
Each summer turns then to autumn, and then to winter
And when the winter of our lives is upon us, dear
I will still say that our love will last forever