Darling love, I give to thee
my heart and soul, the air I breathe
Because I need them not with you around
You lift me up off solid ground
An angel fallen from heaven
or so it seems to me, the son of Adam
Lovely like the warm summer breeze
As pure as the winter snows
my love for you is never ending
Like a plant it grows and grows
Your face, giving tribute to the night sky
With stars shining forth, in place of eyes
With hair that would put the colors of autumn to shame
Reddish hue, a fiery blaze
A mouth so sweet, it seems to me
That all things sugar lessen in their comparison
My dear sweet heart, that is not all
your smile is like the morning sun
A shining light upon me falls
And staring at it's beauty, I am stunned
paralyzed in place
and I hear the Angels singing
What sounds like Amazing Grace
And with each passing breath I breathe
I thank God for the gift he gave to me
you, sweet heart; my angel
My Goddess; my Tinuviel