New Years Resolutions.

- Smile more. And actually mean it.
- Do my homework. All of it. Preferably not the night before it's due.
- Be nicer and more sincere towards family.
- Go to more parties.
- See friends more.
- Take more photos.
- Be more active.
- Eat healthier.
- Wag school less.
- Establish and maintain daily skincare routine.
- Clean teeth every day and night.
- Complain less, try to be more content.
- Don't gossip.
- Save money.
- Think before speaking.
- Write neater and read more.
- Finish at least one full length novel.
- Slow down.
- Be happy.

It is almost exactly 45 minutes until midnight.
That means by default that it is also almost exactly 46 minutes until the new year.

Nothing has gone drastically wrong this year, exactly.
Just nothing has gone perfectly right, either.
I don't really know what's happening with my life at the moment.
I don't really know what's happening with me at the moment.

I'm sitting on the pool table, scribbling in my little book when everyone else is partying.
How depressive.

Do you know what happened before?
Of course of you don't know – I haven't told you yet.
I'll tell you now.

I was sitting on the brick steps with Mitch and some others when R came over and asked to talk to Mitch.
He looked at me, and I looked back at him, and then Mitch said no, he was comfortable sitting with me.
So R said please, that he would only take a second.
And then I said that gee, I missed out.
And everyone laughed like this insult was the most hilarious thing in the world, and Mitch gave me a high-five and I didn't want to move my hand from his and R slunk off to find someone willing to share their alcohol with him.

I wish that I'd never gone out with R.
I wish that I'd ended it sooner.

I have to go now.
Mitch is calling out to me.
He wants me to jump down the steps with him.
I don't quite understand how he can make me stop whatever it is I may be doing and just go to him.
He just can.

a.n. hello. i don't know exactly what this is. it's sort of like a pillow book... but not. it might be a bit confusing at times, but hopefully you'll understand. i don't know how long it will be, but all of the chapters are very short. it's an interesting story, one that keeps replaying in my head. so i decided that i'd write it out in the hopes of it finally leaving me alone. my major problem with what i have written so far is that it's not funny enough. for some reason my ability to write humour has decided to go on holiday. hopefully it'll get funnier as the story goes along. but, as with most of my stories, it is first and foremost a love story. one that i hope you all enjoy.