I hear her now.

I can hear the tears as they crawl down her face.
Why can't I reach out and hold her?
Why can't I tell her I care?
Why do I feel like I don't?
Why can't I ask her why?
Why do I not feel like knowing?

Because then I'd have to listen.
Think about things I rather not.

I'm no angel.
But at least I'm honest with myself

I wish I could care.
But I know I do.
I just ignore it.
It's just to painful to ponder on about.
I try to count the moments, the amazing love I have in my life.
It doesn't work.
I'm left counting moments till I am alone.





Then I hear banging, disturbing me from my thoughts.
I wish he would get better.
I hate the churning, gnawing feeling I get,
The feeling that no amount of music can ever disspell.
The water turns on.
I should help.

But I don't.

I let her deal with it herself.