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October Horror


Okay, who the hell invented this thing called running laps? Who ever did, and she really thought the Romans did for they invented almost everything in sports, will get their behind whooped all the way to the next millennium.

Renee continued to force her legs to run around the field; the scorching heat from the sun blinding her and making her cheeks turn pink.

I need to work out more. She thought, her legs slowly starting to give up beneath her. But like hell am I giving those asses the satisfaction of watching me fall.

She glanced to the other side of the track field, seeing none other than her personal teacher from hell and his little minions. Coach Brown and his little football androids were laughing. Provably about stupid football. She thought darkly, mentally flipping them all off for her torture.

It's not her fault she didn't dress up today! Really it wasn't! Stupid Jenny just had to borrow her damn shorts that morning for her cheerleading practice without asking her first and had turned up during math class with dirt stained white shorts. She thought she almost killed her sister on the spot. Sadly, there were too many witnesses.

She would have to kill her at home.

When she had gone to her locker and only changed into a sweat shirt, and had showed at the basketball court for P.E. with her jeans and the sweat shirt, her coach knew something was terribly wrong.

She was only half dressed into her uniform!

Coach Brown demanded an explanation for her only half assed get up.

Though when she explained her situation to the buff, piece of animal in front of her, she received nothing but a big huff, an annoyed look, and a shrug. He didn't care. Rules were rules. If she wasn't dressed up for his class like it was meant to be, then the couch unfortunately had to give out a punishment.

One of his little puppets just happened to hear about the situation, and finally using that thing called a brain, got a brilliant idea for punishment.

To make her run laps around the field for the rest of P.E. period, or at least until the coach and his little monkeys were satisfied with their amusement, while the rest of the class played dodge ball inside in the cool air conditioner.

What an ass.

"Renee!" Coach Brown called, signaling with his arm for her to run towards his little group, a big grin plastered on his face.

Oh, now he's all honkey dorey? Renee frowned. What the hell does he want now?

Jogging lazily, she made her way to the four people, an annoyed expression on her face. What the heck did he want now? If he asked for her to bend down and wipe his dirty tennis then she would have no choice, but to call her alien parents (she really wished she had them over the ones she had right now) and maybe blast his brains out.

"W-what?" She mumbled, trying to steady herself, not wanting the boneheads in front of her to notice her being tired; sadly, the second her voice reached their ears, they burst out into snickers. She glared.

"You're done for now Renee." Coach Brown said dismissively, waving his hand to her. "You can go now."

No sooner had he spoken did she turn her back on them and ran as fast as she could back to the locker rooms. Oh, sweet relief! She could almost cry out of pure joy from finally escaping the running punishment!

Renee took in deep breaths, one hand holding onto her knee for support while the other clutched at her chest, trying to calm her racing heart from jumping out of her chest and landing next to her tired body once she was in front of the locker rooms. Okay, maybe running again wasn't a really bright idea to get here, but she was really desperate to get to the locker rooms first.

It wasn't that she was self conscious about her body; she wasn't hideously deformed or anything. At least that's what she told herself every time she looked at herself in the mirror; unlike her sister who constantly called her a cow. So what if she enjoyed the God like goodness of potato chips and chocolate? Like she cared if she didn't have the perfect 90-60-90 figure Jenny sported.

She was mother fudging beau~tiful!

At least to that's what she liked to call herself.

Her hazel eyes scanned about the perfume/sweat stinking room, making sure there was indeed no one else in sight beside her. Satisfied that she was alone, she made her way to her own locker, giving her combination to her lock and opening the beat up old thing. Reaching out for her black and bugger (she had to grin at her choice of words for the color) green shirt, she slowly took off the one she had on. It was a good thing no one was around to see her half naked.

Especially her back.

Renee paused, glancing at the half broken mirror in her locker, a glazed look taking over her eyes. She turned her back to the mirror, twisting her head a bit to glance at her reflection.

Trails of spidery scars covered her back. The scars reached out like crippled, skinny hands from her lower back to the base of her neck, the spidery things taunting her every time they could with the bitter haunting memories. Her heart started to beat a little faster, her breathing hitching as she turned away from the mirror.

"Fuck." She hissed.

Shutting her eyes tightly, she took in a deep breath to calm herself. She would not be forced to remember that anytime soon.

The bell rung a moment later as well as the groans and mingles of the oncoming girls, shattering her trail of thoughts in an instant.

Quickly putting on her fresh, clean shirt she slammed her locker and hurriedly raced to her next class before her mind took a stroll down the damn forsaken memory lane.

Half walking half running she passed a crowd of boys, successfully running into one of them. Glancing at her poor victim briefly she mumbled out a half hearted apology before running off to art class, hoping that her new project and her eccentric teacher, Mr. Cane, would get her mind out of her problematic life.

Dark brown eyes narrowed, watching as the girl that had run into him ran off in a hurry, almost as if the devil himself was chasing after her. She turned a right and into the school building, her ponytail coming undone at how quickly the girl moved. Strands of black and green hair flew about behind her.

She was gone in an instant.

"Green hair." He mumbled, raising a dark brow.

Where had he seen that type of hair color again?

He glanced back to the girls locker rooms thoughtfully. No one seemed to be there with the lack of noise. So why would she run?

"Ryan? Hey man, are you okay?" One of his friends tapped at his shoulder, trying to get his attention.

Ryan turned away from the building he was staring at and nodded briefly at his friend.

"I'm fine Dave." He grumbled.

David grinned, shaking his head as he looped an arm around his friends' shoulders, ruffling the dark locks of his companion. "Li~ar!" He chuckled. "You have that look on your face again man. So what caught your eye this time? Was it a girl? Please let it be a girl and not something strange like a bird or something.''

Ryan could only smirk slightly at his best friends strange antics; it was a good thing this person was his best friend or those arms would have been gone a long time ago. Though he could say a girl caught his attention this time. If green haired counted as something of a girl, then yes, he might be just a tad bit interested on one.

David only raised a brow curiously at his friend as they neared the boy's locker rooms, his face wrinkling in distaste as he witnessed some of the students emerging from the gym in a limping manner. Some groaned from the throws they had been hit with the dodge balls. P.E would be brutal today considering he sucked at dodge ball. Those kids coming out of the gym didn't look like they enjoyed it much. Some looked like they sported a black eye too!

They stopped in front of the locker rooms, the noise of the animals called boys being blocked by the closed door. David had long ago let go of his friend; he knew there was a limit onto how long he could touch him. Ryan had always been the don't-touch-me-or-be-killed kind of guy. How they had stayed friends since diaper years will always be a mystery between the two.

"So," David asked, leaning against the cement wall, obviously not wanting to enter his doom any time soon ", what did catch your eye a while back?" Ryan had to grin in amusement at his friend; always trying to buy time so he won't be forced to do something he didn't like.

Ryan opened his mouth to speak, but he stopped, his mouth shutting into a thin line, all amusement seeping out him in an instant. His eyes narrowed into a glare at the approaching figure.

Great, Ryan clenched his hands into fists, just what I needed today.

Honey brow eyes glared back at dark brown, a small smirk making its way to pale lips in an annoyed satisfaction.



And with those simple greetings, the cold words biting down hard at anyone into a whirlwind of frost, Leo vanished into the boys locker rooms while both David and Ryan stood outside the doors, one seething in anger while the other stood rubbing at his shoulders.

"Brrr." David shivered, rubbing at his shoulders exaggeratedly in an attempt to get warm. "That was still as cold as ever dude!"

Ryan shrugged, not wanting to say anything at the moment for fear of lashing out at his friend. He'd regret it later for yelling at the idiot and would have to apologize. He was not good at apologies so he might as well not say anything.

David frowned at the face his friend made. In his opinion, it looked like he was ready just to bite at anything that moved. He'd have to make his approach slow and steady.

"Hey Ryan, you wanna go somewhere else? I don't feel like P.E. anymore." David suggested, already walking the opposite direction of the locker rooms. He knew that as soon as Ryan heard him, he would follow. Ryan had that certain thing with him once he was angry; he would follow almost anyone without question.

And like an old routine, Ryan followed his friend to wherever he was going.


The brush her hand held glided through the paper smoothly and surely of what it was doing; the green color smoothly colliding with the aqua. Renee clucked her tongue in distaste and continued to merge the two colors, trying, and failing in her mind to create the perfect form for her project.

"Augh!" Throwing down her brush on the table, Renee plopped herself down on a chair, the sound of annoyance ringing out through the empty room. "What the dickens and this damn heads… Go kiss my…"

"Hey, hey, hey." A man's loud voice boomed from behind a desk of colorful papers interrupted her rambling. "I told you missy that as long as I let you stay after school to finish your work you would cool down your bad mouthing."

Renee smiled apologetically at her teacher who was currently criticizing the 'uninspiring pieces of art this school had to offer'.

"Sorry Candy Cane, but this is so flipping hard!'' Renee groaned, pointing at her work. "I can't get the wave parts right so the alien's heads keep coming out like poo.''

Mr. Cane raised a blond brow at his student, turning his gaze towards her new piece of art. He nodded briefly, rising from his seat and walking over to examine her work, all the while humming thoughtfully. Finally coming to a conclusion, he smiled slightly, patting her on the shoulder.

"You need to start on their eyes, not their heads Renee. If you start on their heads, then of course the heads will look like poo, and then when you try to make their eyes, they wouldn't be able to fit correctly. Understand?"

She nodded slowly, turning to her canvas of alien heads and space ships. What could she say; she liked her alien people up in space. And art was just the perfect place where she could express the way she felt about the green, oval-head shaped things. Besides, it was the only place where a teacher didn't mind her dozing off and where she could call him however she felt like. Life was good so far.

"I see what you're saying Candy Cane." Renee grinned, taking the paints and brushes scattered on the table over to the sinks. "But I'll have to continue this tomorrow."

Said teacher raised a brow curiously. "Hm? Leaving so soon? You usually stay here until six. It's only 4:40.''

"Yeah well, I have something to do tonight."

"Oh? A date?" Mr. Cane teased lightly.

Renee laughed, shaking her head. "Hells to the no! I have way better things to do than go on a date with a brainless monkey from this school."

"Sad. It's true of what you speak. Not many of the students we have are that brilliant."

Renee sighed. "If only they were as smart as you Candy Cane, then maybe I would consider wanting one of them." She grinned, turning to grab a cloth from near by to dry her hands. "If only you were a bit younger and weren't my awesome teacher."

"We could only wish eh Renee." Mr. Cane chuckled.

She nodded, walking over to the door and waving good bye to her teacher, and blowing him a kiss in the process. "Bye Candy Cane. See you tomorrow."

"Good bye Renee. Take care."

Shutting the door behind her, she skipped about in the empty hallway, whistling the X-Files theme song to herself as she made her way to her locker. This was the good thing about staying after school; no one was around to call her weird or to criticize the way she acted. She had enough of that during lunch and at home from her sister and mother. She didn't need it anymore after school. In particular today. She shuddered absentmindedly as she neared her locker, the memory of not even two hours ago replaying in her mind. It would have been worst if she would have actually gone off and thought of…Okay, enough!

Huffing in annoyance, she shook her head to rid her mind of anything anymore distracting. Slamming her locker open, she took her things from inside and slammed it closed again. It wasn't much that she took home. Just a book and her bag.

"And the good thing about having nothing to carry means that I can take it anywhere without worrying." She chirped, dancing her way to the exit. "And tomorrow I can soooo finish my canvas! Not to mention today is Eddy's and mine anniversary! Life is all goo – HOLY FUCKING COW!"

"Watch it!"

A howl of feminine scream mingled with the others own guttural cry of surprise as both bodies collided in a heap of tangled limbs on the cement steps of the school. Renee groaned, rubbing at her head as she leaned up on her elbow, her head swimming in confusion. She winced, feeling the weight of something cold and heavy on her, poking at her side.

"W-what the hell hit me?" She stuttered, trying to stand from the ground, her eyes trying to focus on what was on her.

"You tell me." Came the harsh reply.

Hazel eyes widened, starring up at honey brown in surprise. Her mouth gaped, words wanting to come out, random babbling instead of actual words escaping. It was that guy again! Leo… something.

Leo frowned down at her, tsking softly. "What, cat got your tongue?" He bit out, no sense of humor in his words. He was not in any mood today with Ryan escaping him during P.E. class; he had been itching for some entertainment considering his foul moods as of lately. He was also getting more irritated with the lack of process with Miss Cheerleader herself; couldn't she take a fucking hint? Not to mention his last period was nothing but an annoyance to him since he loathed Physics.

And now he had to stumble into an uncomfortable position with the annoying girl who kept stealing his spots!

"Actually no. But if you don't mind," Renee huffed, placing her hands on his chest and proceeding to push him off her, "get the hell off me!"

Leo frowned, standing from the floor where he was pushed, dusting himself off of imaginary dirt. "Gladly." He grumbled, grabbing onto the forgotten skateboard on the floor. "If you'll excuse me, I have better things to do than to hang around with weirdoes like you." Just as he was about to turn away and go on his merry way, the demanding voice of his favorite person rang through his ears.

"Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?"

"And that is?"

Renee gave him an incredulous look, her arms waving in the air as she pointed at herself. "Help me up Leo. Or at least give me a freaken apology."

Leo grinned, tapping at his chin, feigning thought. "Oh, let's see. How about no, whatever your name is again."

"Asshole." Renee grumbled, standing from the ground, still rubbing at her head. Maybe her day wasn't going to end as well as she thought. "And its Renee incase your little mind forgot to remember a two syllable name."

"Nice to know you remembered mine at least." Leo rolled his eyes, placing a hand over his heart. "I'm touched." He chuckled softly, noticing the angry pout on the girls face. As much as he didn't like her, he had the sudden interest in making her mad. Just like before near the oak tree. It was refreshing from the other girls and perhaps she would make a new punching bag whenever he needed to bent out his frustrations. Plus, she was taking over his territories; he annoying her can drive her out of the cemetery and his tree.

Or maybe another punch to the face. His conscious mumbled bitterly.

Her eyes narrowed. "Weren't you in such a hurry a minute ago you antenna ruiner?"

"Yeah, but not anymore." He cocked his head to the side, grinning at the nickname. "You're quite interesting girly." He purred. He mentally kicked himself over the head. Okay, maybe that sounded a bit flirtatious. But it was in his nature to sound sort of playful! He blamed this entirely on the devil himself!

Renee wrinkled her nose, raising a brow at the boy in front of her. Did he just say he found her interesting? Freaky. She glanced around, turning in a circle, ready for some guy to come out of nowhere and yell out 'Punked!' From the corner of her eyes she noticed he giving her a strange look; almost like she was really crazy. Hey, it's not her fault for being suspicious when someone called her interesting! Especially a guy thankyouverymuch! It's not every day she gets called interesting in a good way – was it a good way? – By a guy!

She frowned.

Maybe its my cloth, she thought, absentmindedly tugging at her new antennas. Nah.

"Right." She said, taking a few steps away from him. "So, Leo, um, I have to go. I have a… Something to do and I have to get ready for it and… Well, bye!"

He couldn't help the laughter that came out of his mouth as he watched her half walk half run her way out of the school and disappear behind a building. It was too amusing and hilarious. Her face! It had gone from angry to embarrass in less than a second.

He grinned as he skated his way out of school grounds.

Well, he could have a little fun before his job was done. He still had a few weeks until his date was finally due. Miss Cheerleader would be easy once she notices a little change in his choice of people. She'd surely notice since Renee didn't seem like a person many of the dolled up people in this place would hang with. He thinks they would die first than embarrass themselves being caught with a strange girl like her.

Renee would make a fine play toy.


He froze, the ice cream cone in his hands only half way to its destination before it was lowered down, his mouth gaping slightly at the sight a few feet away.

"Yo Ryan, what's with the face?" David asked, sapphire eyes glancing from his friends face to the ice cream cone. "And um, are you gonna eat that?" They were currently sitting outside of the ice cream parlor that was located not so far from school. David had had the brilliant idea to get ice cream right after school and they were still there.

Ryan's hand immediately handed over the frozen delight to an enthusiastic David. His gaze was still at the school's entrance where two figures were tangled together on the floor.

David followed his gaze, licking at the ice cream. He raised a brow at the scene. "Isn't that Leo?" He mumbled in between licks. "But who's the girl?"

"Green Hair?" Ryan mumbled, almost unsure.

"You know her?" David asked incredulously. "Since when does Ryan Hawkins talk to girls?"

Ryan turned to glare at his friend. "Shut up. I don't know her. I've just seen her around lately."

David grinned cattishly at him, wiggling his brows. "Aha. Just seen her around you rascal you!"

Ryan shook his head, his gaze on the two people. They looked like they were arguing now. Green hair seemed to not like what Leo had said. She ran out of there.

"You know, I didn't even know that Leo talked to girls either." David sighed, interrupting his friend's thoughts. "Beside Miss Beautiful herself that is." He murmured dreamily at the mention of the cheerleader before his eyes narrowed at the retreating back of the skating figure.

Ryan shook his head as he patted his friends shoulder. Of course. That's the only hate he'll ever see in this lump of bubbly goodness. As much as David sometimes denied liking the Queen Bitch, he could still so obviously see the infatuation he had for her; and he was not talking about lust like most guys had for her. Sadly, that woman had a boyfriend and his friend had no chance.

His friend was love struck. Poor fool.

"Anyways," David chirped, smiling full out at his friend. "Who do you think the girl was? They seemed like they were having fun over there."

Ryan snorted. "Don't know, don't care."

"Aw, you're mean Ryan."

Ryan shrugged, his gaze lingering on the steps of the school. As much as he didn't want to care about what was going on between the fool Leo and the green haired girl, he couldn't get his mind out of them. Call him paranoid but just the mere thought of a person like Leo taking an interest on someone brings him bad vibes. Leo was not a person anyone willingly talked to. He always had that aura that just sprung out with…evil if he could call it that. He was so cold. There was just something not right about him.

He cringed at the thought that Leo reminded him of himself though. It was rare for him to be seen with anyone beside David. He was not someone that desired attention. Leo was the same. The only one he was rarely seen even speaking to was that cheerleader, and even then it seemed like he didn't like her. There was always that twinkle of distaste in his eyes.

And now, Leo arguing with some girl?

Something was wrong with that picture.


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