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"Avari… Elysia… Dren,' I stated as I finished signing my name. I smiled up at the head chef. It was a fake smile, but I've had lots of practice.

"Then it's all set," he replied with a wide grin. "See you tomorrow at 5:00."

I left as fast as I could without being too rude. I walked quickly along the sidewalk, ignoring the several stares I was getting. This time my smile was genuine. If there was one thing I loved, it was being outside during a thunderstorm. Rare as they are in Arizona, I enjoy them whenever I can.

My new job helped lighten my mood. I was finally working somewhere I would enjoy, a nice little bakery only five blocks from my apartment.

I had always loved creating things as a child, drawing, writing, and sculpting. But cooking had always been my favorite because it produced something that could be considered useful.

As I approached the tall building that was my home, I though I saw someone out of the coner of my eye. I quickly turned around, but the only thing there was a lone raven picking at something that might have been living once.

I turned away, shaking my head. Maybe I needed more sleep…

I opened the doors, and walked in, not stopping on my way to the elevator as I nodded to the desk clerk. I walked in to the elevator, pressed 13, and waited to arrive at the top level and my dwelling. I had tried to convince my mom to let me pay for my own apartment, but it hadn't gotten me anywhere. So here I was, in the nicest residence in the fanciest place in probably most of Phoenix.

Ok, so maybe there was one thing my parents where good for.

I almost tripped on the box that was sitting outside my door. I wasn't terribly clumsy, but when my mind was somewhere els I had the tendancy to ignore other things, like stairs and bricks. I picked ip the packade and sighed when I saw who it was from. Maybe my dad had actually gotten me something I would enjoy this time.

After I had gotten in and locked the door behind me, I set the box down on the counter. Then I got some scissors and set about to opening the package. And soon I reached in, and pulled out…. A fresh wave of anger washed through me and I threw the item at the wall. Army boots?! Why had he sent me army boots?! Of course I knew why, that was real reason why I was angry, not that there was any problem with the boots themselves. I started making spaghetti, trying to calm myself while I contemplated it.

My dad had really wanted a boy. But instead he got me, and so I was forced to live as ungirly as possible. Not that I had wanted to be, btu It still would have been nice to have the choice. So already I had been an outcast at school, and when I turned out to have an extremely high IQ I was left with only a few close friends. And now they all were living somewhere else, leaving email as pretty much the only way to communicate.

I shook my head. If I wanted to calm down, I would need to focus on the spaghetti. So I walked over to the stove and started cooking, think of nothing but the smells, the food, and the pasta.

I woke up at 4:00. Good, I had one hour to get ready and go to work.

I showered, dressed, and ate pretty quickly so that I had around fifteen minutes to walk to the bakery.

I went down to the elevator, into lobby, and out into the damp streets of Phoenix. It was already getting pretty warm, and despite the fact that it was fall the temperature would be around 85 degrees by noon. I trudged through the trash and mud surrounded by tall buildings, or at least they where what I would call tall. Anyone from New York or someplace with skyscrapers would probably disagree.

As I walked by a small alleyway, I heard a small scream that none of the other people around me seemed to notice. I glanced quickly around me, and then I darted into the small area.

I followed a chain of empty streets until I came to a corner, and around it I could hear what sounded like somebody being punched. I froze, listening.

"I'm sorry, sir," said a small, child's voice. "I don't know where the Firebird is."

I started. That was the name of my apartment complex! I used to think that it was a cheesy name for a hotel in Phoenix, but now I was glad it was so unforgettable. But why was somebody trying to find it?

I head another punch and a small squeak.

"I said," said a another voice, cold and cruel. "I want to know where the Firebird is."

It was like a wall of pure rage slammed into me. There was something in that voice that triggered an instinctual reaction, something that told me the owner of the voice needed to be exterminated.

"I'm really sorry sir, bu-"

Then, there was a sickening crunch and the small voice was gone, presumably dead. I couldn't hold back anymore. I darted out into the alley and punched the attacker in the face.

"What the-" he said as he spun around, anger annoyance on his face – until he saw me and his face broke out into a very evil grin. "Looks like I didn't need to go around questioning people after all – Why search for the princess when she'll come right to you?"

And then, so quickly that I had no time to react, he swung his leg around and knocked me on my back. I must of hit my head hard, because all of a sudden I couldn't think straight. Why did he call me "princess?" And was it just my head or as he stood over me did his eyes flick red and then back to brown?

Then there was pressure on my arm, and then CRUNCH! I gasped as the pain brought me back to reality.

"That will keep you still," he said, and then reached into is sleeve to produce a large, blood red knife, with silver runes embedded in the blade.

There had to be something, something I could do to save my life. I used me one good arm to try and search for something to use as a weapon, anything. I was desperate.

You're probably wondering why he didn't stop me. I didn't know this at the time, but he had gone into a sort of bloodlust, and there was nothing on his mind except the kill.

This was why, when I held up the small pocket knife I had found in the leaves, he didn't even notice. No, he didn't notice until, guided by instinct, I drove the sharp object up through his chin.

He reeled back, and made a sort of hissing noise as he yanked it out and examined it.

"This wasn't seraph-blade, fool," he said. I watched in amazement as the wound healed itself effortlessly. "Now you really must die-"

His final words where cut short in a strangled gurgle. For now there was a glowing, blue-sliver blade protruding from his stomach.

And then something truly frightening happened. His eyes rolled back, until there were no pupils, and I watched in horror as they changed from white to red.

"It'sssss too late, angel…" said a hissing, evil voice that emitted from the body. "The queen and king are deeeead…"

And it was like watching the aging process, sped up so that soon there was nothing left but a skeleton with red eyes and a sword sticking out of it's chest. Then, slowly, it reached for me. It was almost touching my arm when it was blown away by a strong wind, turned to dust.

I stared at the man who stood before me as he blew off the tip of his sword, a light breeze ruffling his spiky black hair. He turned his amethyst eyes towards me.

"And that is how you kill a demon," he said. "By the way, my name's Seth."

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