There Exists a World

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Between the day and between the night,
Amidst the silence and singing chime,
There exists a world beyond the stars,
Where your tears suspend in time.

Far beyond the exploding moon,
Below the starry embers,
There exists a world behind your own,
The world that no one remembers.

Above the sky we've yet to reach,
Beside the birds that fly too high,
There exists a world that has yet to start,
Where the living have yet to die.

Deeper than fish dare swim,
Across the widened shore,
There exists a world that breathes not once,
The world that was no more.

Past our loving memories,
Ahead of saddened dreams,
There exists a world we'll one day find,
Where happiness is what it seems.

Higher, higher, higher,
To the world of silent chime,
Deeper, deeper, deeper,
Till our tears suspend in time.