Please stop the screaming

It is more than I can stand

I just want to squeeze my head

Into a dark and foreign place

Where all that I can hear

Is the ringing in my ears

You are acting like a child

Nothing without your toy

Everything comes down to me

You pulled the short straw

You compare me to yourself

I don't want any part

The doors you slammed

They haunted me for years

I hid under my little bed

Wondering what I did or said

Blaming myself for your fumes

Crying myself to fitful sleep

I don't want to pay for

Your insecurities and sores

No one else seems to see

Their heads are turned blindly

Am I the only that knows

Your dark and blotchy face

Or are they merely spines

Caring not how your words pierce

My inner being crumbling

Tumbling like the ancient towers

They tranquilize my heart

Causing numbness to spread

In the dark of night I

Will sew up your mouth

Shutting you up for real

Making you feel for all the times

You sewed together mine

Please stop the screaming