A/N: Just here to tell you that I'm not dead. So, this was for my American Lit. Honors class. We had a list of SAT vocab. words and had to use at least five. The topic was a free write and, of course, my mind goes to writing a fictional one-shot. /sweatdrops/

The words I used were timorous, sanguine, noisome, veracious, pedagogue, and veneer. Yeah, I used six words. Cause I'm cool like that. Haha.

Not my best work, especially since I had immediately done it in class before my teacher collected it. xD And I'm not that familiar with words so some of the usage might be wrong. /nervous laughter/ Edited it a bit before posting, cause I spotted a few errors when I got it back. Also added a few things so this author's note wouldn't be longer than the story.


The young man walked down the hallway in a timorous way. He never thought that something like this would happen in this small and sanguine town. This sort of thing had been unheard of, practically nonexistent. Everyone knew each other and things have been peaceful ever since the founding of this place. He wondered when did everything go so wrong. So many families had been broken, several couples have split up, and even some of his friends had turned on him.

Having been lost in his thoughts, he was startled by something that only turned out to be the wind blowing at the trees outside. Letting out a relieved sigh, he continued and it wasn't long before he reached his destination: the wooden door that would lead him to the office. The door that would lead him to the one behind all this.

Opening the door, he was immediately hit by a noisome smell and he gagged. Braving himself for the gruesome sight he knew he was about to see, his eyes met those of the person who stood in the middle of the room and widened.

To think that the man he'd trusted and cared for, the veracious person who cheered him up when he was down, the one who'd guided him through everything that had happened as if he was his pedagogue.

"Hey, you're late, Alan. I was waiting for a while now."

To think that that was all veneer...