Hello All.

First, and foremost, I would like to apologize, as this is not another chapter. Secondly, I would like to address the review I recently received, which is as follows:

"thepublicswish 6/6/12 . chapter 20

We have been observing and waiting...Those who are kept waiting long enough could get creative and issue notices like the one below served to the author Tainted Angel. Consider this a compliment; your work is worth notice and followup.

We the public on fanfiction have been waiting for "Lauren a.k.a Tainted Angel" to finish "Tainted Angel" for years. The aforementioned author has had adequate time to finish this story. This is a clear case of story abandonment. *see fine print below* Further more in the case of said abandoned story: "Tainted Angel" we the public on fanfiction claim ownership of Tainted Angel and are donating its creative entirety to any accomplished author willing to finish this story.

*thepublicswish does not encourage or condone plagiarism of claimed,completed material by active or inactive writers on . The exception being with the express permission of owner or author(s)of abandoned incomplete material.

This public court finds this arrangement benefits all and could end the plagiarism epidemic currently causing many authors to delete major finished works."

This story has not been abandoned. It is being edited for major publication.

Since the new version is largely based on this "rough draft" I will take it very seriously if someone was to plagiarize this work.

I have left this small draft up because readers have enjoyed it, but I will remove it (and take action) if need be.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

- EvilGenius0.o