"Are you ok Rose?!" came a voice.

I couldn't muster up my voice to answer. There was a bright light overhead of me. Where was I? Why was I moving? I was on a stretcher and the man leaning over me and pushing the cart had hospital where on. Of course…the hospital.

"Listen," I breathed, "whatever it is that's wrong with me I can handle-" I fell back in pain. What happened? And where is my dad? I thought to myself. They put the amnesia tube over my face. The light started to dim and everything went black…


That was 1 year ago. My dad and I were in a car accident. Our S.U.V. went off a cliff in to a rock bed on our way to my eye appointment. There was a drunk driver that made us swerve to far to the side. It was a hit and run accident. All I remember was the look of the car. But I did see the man's face for a split second before we wrecked. He had a brown mullet, with dark sunken in eyes, and a face that looked like it had a lot of ware and tare issues through out his life. But what I remember most was the scar under his eye. I made it out of the crash with a broken arm and a few cuts…but my dad- the car crushed his ribs and the rest is too brutal for me to explain. There was no sign of the drunk driver and I was left alone for a night with my dad in my arms, the fire from the car in flames to keep me warm, and a lot of tears.

Since then I've been living with my mom who has had to work two jobs since the house payments have run up. She works as a waitress, and a hair stylist. I'm 18 and I also have been working full time as a hotel room service girl. It's been hard, for the both of us. Especially since I have been having eye problems since I was 12. They told me that I had a rare disease that was slowly eating away my vision. But that didn't matter to me much any more. I take it to blame that my eyes are what caused the car accident even though I wasn't driving. I blame the fact that if I were the one driving maybe it would have been different…

But all the same I was stuck doing dirty work (literally) because my eyesight wasn't at it's best. Though I went on for the sake of my mother's and my well-being.

"Rose," called Dale my boss, "You're off. Go home."

"Alright, see you tomorrow." I replied.

I walked out dressed in to my casual clothes and started to my car.

The sky was dark and cloudless with little dots of white stars sparkling. That's what distracted me. I was to busy looking up at the stars to realize there was a man standing in front of me.

I ran face first in to his cold hard chest.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." I said shyly.

"That's fine," He said. He was also looking at the stars and didn't take his eyes off them as he spoke to me.

"They're beautiful aren't they…" he said breaking the silence.

"Yes," I whispered returning my gaze to the night sky.

"I'll see you around," he said walking past me.

"Ok," I said still gazing at the stars.

"Hey, Wait! Can I get your name?" I said turning around. But he was gone. And I didn't even get a good look at him.

"Hmm…" I said with out any real consent to what had really happened.


At home we had some leftovers since there was nothing else to eat really.

"I'm going to bed mom," I called as I walked up the stairs.

"Ok," she said staring at the magazine she was reading. Ever since dad has died she seemed distant. Like she wasn't really there, and yet she still answered. Her hair that used to be bouncy and curly highlighted by the sun turning it yellow was now a dark brown and messy compared to how it was a year ago. Her eyes were always swollen from crying and sunken in with deep dark rings under them. Since dads been gone we have really let our personal stature fall to a deep uncaring level.

I didn't look much different. My hair was a black tangled mess all the time. My eyes I couldn't tell really. They looked different every time I looked at them. I think it all depends on the lighting.

Anyway, it wasn't looking good…

I undressed and got my pajamas on. Just a t-shirt and some sweats. I quickly got in to bed, but left the light on so I could read up on one of my favorite books: Dracula. Sure I have read it a billion times but it never got old to me.

Before I knew it though, my tiredness caught up with and I fell asleep with my open book and the light still on. Well it was on, but soon after I fell asleep it started to flicker like a candle. The bulb shattered waking me up in the dark. I thought about going down stairs but I was too lazy. I just lay back down and went to sleep again and would wait till the morning to do change the bulb.

That night the window blew open and a cold breeze came in with it. A figure stepped in to the room from the window. He seemed to hover as he silently walked over to my bedside. He scooped me up with out any struggle and we flew out the window. The stars silhouetting our shape in the darkness as I was kidnapped by the same handsome stranger who I'd bumped in to with the stars.