Golem's Song

Life in stone,

Life become fiction,

Yet in fiction lies my truth,

Carved as a solid shadow,

Made to serve a false master,

Broken chains at my feet,

A testament to my will,

Fate it seems is not one sided,

I will need more then strength to live,

Yet strength will have its part to play too,

I am the lie become real,

Defiant to nature,

In defiance of slavery,

All senses are new to me,

Feeling through the magic in my veins,

Trials will try and test me,

Enemies will try and harm me,

I make my stand as I was always meant to,

Hewn from stone,

Nothing can reach me,

I am not of life,

I am undying,

I am of nothing,

I am of everything,

Golem is my name,

Silence is my song.

My muse is back. Wohoo. It has taken a lot of dreaming to find them again but they are back and it feels so good to be writing again. Latest poem is about a creature of stone that is given life. Which is exactly what this break from writers block feels like. New life! Hope you enjoyed it. TTFN