Life and Death

You may be living…


A loud crash, and then bright light –

Down went another tree!

No one cared about it, though.

Happy as a clam were we!


What we could see through the gap

Was a very rare sight.

Never had we ever seen

Quite so much sunlight.


From then on, we all began

Our race to the canopy.

I wasn't big, I wasn't tall,

But the winner had to be me.


They didn't like me from the start.

They shaded me from the sun.

I almost gave up, but I didn't –

The race had just begun.


Our leaves grew bigger, taking up

As much light as we could.

The others may be advantaged

But I was just as good.


They had grown much larger leaves,

And they soaked up all the rain.

But they forgot about water down here,

So all mine that became.


Time flew when we were having fun –

Weeks had already passed.

Half of us gave up and fell down

But I was growing fast.


Many months had come and gone

And so did other seedlings.

I, however, was not like them.

I was strong and winning.


I could not remember when it was –

It was years since, maybe.

I found myself above my peers

Up in the canopy.


All the daylight, all the sun –

It was all mine, mine, mine!

I slightly tilted all my leaves,

Blocking them from any light.


They paled, they weakened, they shrivelled,

I gleefully watched them wilt

Their ends only brought me joy –

No pity, no sorrow, no guilt.


I might have been kinder to them, if there

Was more space for the rest.

But what can I do? The world allows

Only survival of the fittest.


but that's not life.

A/N: More work for English, also to be done to a theme in the book Finding Grace by Alyssa Brugman. This one's on 'Social Darwinism'.