Strange Animal Days

Animal House Registration Office, 7:00 am, Wednesday, 17th, May, 2070.

The rain poured as if it were to flood the campus into the sea. It had been raining on and off all spring. There was no sign of it letting up anytime. Inside was warm and dry. Noizchild sat in hard cotton red chair in from the registration desk. She was soaked up to her hair and cat ears. Her luggage and backpack sat on the floor beside the chair forming puddles on the floors. She had bitter apathy on her face. It was clear that she didn't want to be here. She would be home in Tokyo for spring in her lusty bed. But instead, Noiz was here. In the registration office on this rainy Wednesday. Why? She was registering to a different house. You see, she got kicked out of her old one for a fight she started and using foul language in public before spring break. (A long story we well explain later.) Right now, Noiz was wet and shivering cold with luggage. "I just want to get this over with so I can go home!" she thought.

Then the door closed behind her. Noiz looked behind her with a blank face. Ono-san stood in the doorway with her records in his hand. The catgirl's face didn't change. Ono-san tried to be sympathetic to the evictee. "Ohayoo Noiz-san." he addressed her. Noizchild said nothing. She looked more sour by the minute. Ono-san felt nervous. This wasn't going to be a picnic. He took in a deep breath. "Better get this over with!" he thought. Ono-san entered strongly. Noiz watched him in boredom. The registers' manager sat down at his desk. Noizchild kept the bitter apathy in her face. Manager opened her file.

"Now, Noizchild Johnson." Ono-san addressed. "You have been thrown out of your dorm house, Heaven House. Because of a fist fight and foul language." He read through the catgirl's entire file. "You're lucky just to only get exile." the officer went on. "You're an excellent worker, great leader, always on time with your work, sober, faithful. Seems that Chief that decided to look kindly upon you this time." Noiz decided say a word. "Right," Ono-san said as he shut the file. "You will be moved into Animal House." This was all particular. Usually, when someone is banished from their original dorm house, they were sent to Kennel House. That is where Tanya, the other girl Noiz fought, was there. "Hm, they were smart enough not to put that bitch and I in the same dorm house again!" the catgirl thought with a grin in her head.

"We now have to pick out a dorm for you." Ono-san picked up again. "Wait here." Then he rose up to the file cabinet and pulled out the dorm house map and list. The manager laid them on his desk. Noiz looked at the papers with a dull observation. Ono-san put on his reading glasses. He read the dorm list to himself quietly. "Oh, I'm sorry." the manager said at last. "Most of the dorms are filled. But there are two dorms open. #275 and #52." Noizchild's frown deepened. Both dorms faced Kennel House. She didn't even want to look at where Tanya was! The catgirl that Ono-san was asked to lie about dorms.

"Give that sheet!!!" Noizchild snapped as she took the dorm list and read it herself. So far none of them were satisfactory. The good ones were already taken. Guess good old Ono-san was right after all. Then, one of the dorm numbers caught her eye. A smile came across her face. Noiz turned the list back to the manager. Her finger was firmly on the dorm of her choice. "I want this one!" she called. Ono-san went pale. "But that one is a requested single's dorm!" "Please!!!" Noizchild pleaded with the sweet irresistible kitty look in her eyes and battered her eyelashes. Ono-san tried to look away. But in the end he said, "All right. I'll notify the residence in the dorm #221." He began to pick up the phone but the catgirl arrested his hand. Ono-san looked her dead in the eye. Noiz kept smiling. "There's no need for that," she went on. "I'll just surprise him. He loves surprises." Then Noizchild picked up her now damp luggage and headed back out into the rain. Ono-san sat still there in pale panic. "Don't hurt 'em Noiz!" he thought. Then the manager tried his best to get back to work.

Shall We Go On?