Baby Bomb

A neo-70 pulled up into the Animal House parking lot. Naomi looked around at the dingy building through her dark sunglasses. She had come to the right place. It took a while, but she made it. That back road to the building could be tricky leading to here. She had gotten lost on it one too many times. The former student wasn't in the mood for any crap today. Especially not in her condition! Himeko had just come outside with her trash when she noticed the former student getting out of her car. The working student's face lit up in joy. A little surprised had mixed into it as well.

"Naomi-san!" she chirped. "So good to see you again!"

"Hello Himeko," the former student replied. "Can you help me get my bags inside?"

"Gladly!" the working student answered. Himeko threw her garbage bag into the bin and walked over to the former student. She gathered up the two suitcases and closed the car doors. "And where do you want me to take these?" the working student asked.

"To dorm 221!" Naomi spoke.

"Yes san!" Himeko answered. They walked into the building. Himeko used her id card to unlock the door.

Noiz was typing on her laptop when there was a knock on the door. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Who is it?"

"It's me!" her former student answered. "Naomi-chan!" Noiz rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," she mumbled. "Come in, come in." The door slid open and closed. The cat sighed out loud as she paused from her work. What did that annoying girl want now? "What do you want no--?" Noiz began to ask. She lost her words when she turned around from her desk. Naomi stood in the doorway with her luggage. She had ballooned in the stomach big-time! At first, the kitty thought that she was seeing things. She blanked hard a few times. The image didn't change. Noiz couldn't speak at first.

"What the hell happened to you?!?" she blurted out. "You have really let yourself go!" Naomi giggled.

"Noiz-san, I'm pregnant!" she chirped. The kitty looked on surprised again.

"When are you due?" she asked.

"In a few days," the former student answered. Noiz still looked confused.

"So, why are you here?" she asked. Naomi smiled at her cheerfully.

"I'm going to have my baby here!" she announced. The cat nearly choked at her response.

"WHAT?!?" she yelled. Naomi nodded.

"That's right," she went on. "You're all I have left now. So, I decided to have the baby at Animal House."

"Wait a second!" the kitty recalled. "What about your charming husband you loved so much?" The glow in Naomi's face slowly faded away.

"He's gone!" she said upset. "He turned out to be a toad!" Noiz felt a little pity for her.

"So sorry to hear that," she replied. The cat sighed aloud. "Fine, do as you like!" she remarked. Naomi's eyes lit up in joy.

"Oh thank Noiz-san!" she cheered. Naomi waddled over to hug her former teacher. Noiz held up a hand to stop her.

"Don't touch me!" she said sharply. Naomi slowly backed up some.

"Sorry, Noiz-san," she replied. The cat sighed out loud. This would be a *long* stay. Naomi was well-greeted around Animal House. The animals accepted her as one of their own. A couple of them tried to hit on her.

"You're husband was an idiot!" they all told her. "We would be more than happy to have a woman and baby like you!" Naomi giggled at them.

"You're really sweet," she would say. "But, I need a break from relationships right now. I'm more focused on my daughter." Noiz wasn't too thrilled to be having Naomi here at Animal House. She would snort to herself every time she saw her former student. Rob wondered why.

"What is your problem with Naomi-chan staying here?" he asked his lover one day at lunch. Noiz sighed out loud as she if she was sick of being asked that question over and over again.

"Because, Naomi's too upbeat and cheery for me!" the cat protested. "I can't deal with that at all. No offense against her, but I just can't."

"But she needs you, Momo!" the mouse pointed out. "You're all she has left."

"So?" the cat questioned.

"Aren't you going to help her at all?" Rob asked. Noiz pretended to think about that for a moment, then she shook her head.

"No," she replied. "I'm letting her stay here. What more does she want?" *Sweat drop on Rob's head as he sighs*

"You're hopeless!" he thought. Maybe, not completely. Perhaps, the kitty would arise in the end and help Naomi. The answer came on July thirtieth. That morning, the former student fell into labor. Naomi walked into the game room in pain.

"Guys!" she cried. "It's here! My baby is coming!" Three of the animals leapt to their feet and scrambled to aid the expectant mother. A fourth one called for the ambulance. In thirty minutes, the emergency vehicle came. By that time, most of the animals came to Naomi's aid. Noiz didn't show up. Many began to wonder.

"Where's Noiz?" they all asked.

"It's *pant* fine! *Pant*" Naomi said in between breaths. "I can *pant* make it *pant* without her! *Pant*" Everyone wasn't too sure about that one. They hoped that their beloved leader wouldn't screw up by leaving one of her former students hanging out to dry.

"Here I am!" someone yelled to the group. Everyone looked up to see Noiz standing in the doorway. She had a slightly stoic face today. "Yes," the cat spoke up. "I am here! You do not need to worry anymore." Naomi looked at her coldly.

"GO AWAY NOIZ-SAN!!!" she screamed. "YOU DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT ME!!!" The kitty didn't listen. She walked closer to the expectant mother.

"I SAID, GO AWAY!!!" Naomi screamed again. "ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?!?" Noiz grabbed her by the hand. Her former student went quiet right away. Noiz looked her dead-on in the eye.

"Now you listen and you listen good!" I hissed. "I am here and I'm not going anywhere until this kid see the world for the first time! Got me?" Naomi nodded in pain. The cat smiled at her in a warm way.

"Good," she replied. Noiz turned to the medics.

"Well, what the hell are you boys waiting for?" she boomed. "Come on! Get going! We have a baby to deliver!!!" The men nodded and hurried off with Naomi. Noiz followed behind them. And so it was. Noiz did rise and care for her former student after all. The trip to the hospital and the labor made the day the longest in both women's lives. In the end, it was all worth it. Naomi gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She named her Kyadesu, after her former sensei, Noizchild. The kitty declared that Kyadesu would be the leader of the new generation of the rebels to come. Great for the cat and the rest of the animals, bad for Artemis.

"Oh great, not another Noizchild!" he muttered to June as he watched mother and baby with Noiz, Rob, and the animals in the garden. Oh yes piggy, it'll be another headache for you! Enjoy!