Note from Author: This was actually intended to be much longer, though I shortened it so that I could attempt to use it for a class. The requirements for the class were 15 pages double-spaced. I have managed 15 pages single-spaced, or twice what I was shooting for. :(

The 'Original' story that I refer to at times is taken from the original dream that I had that this is all taken from.

Some of the things that I cut out were:

・Rael is not sent on a reconnaissance mission, but instead, they all go to suppress a demon uprising, and she goes mad and attacks Sera. Galabrel is commanded by Iranel to kill Rael, but she is unable to. Iranel then restrains Rael using her mind, and Sera kills her.
・A lot of the discussion of the plans and the powers was removed.
・Another scene with Iranel and Sera with another angel that is not in this story was also taken out.

I feel that in the current state, the characters are too flat still, and many are not playing enough of a part, and their motives are still unclear in some parts. But I might expand it later. Thank you for reading!


Annahel (Queen)
Names: Annahel [an-nah-hell], Anna
Office: None
Position: Originally a Neophyte, promoted to Archaeophyte.
Rank: Private
Power: Fear. Anything that lashes out at her, is instead lashed out at itself.
Information: None. In the original story, she upholds the code by striking down her friend who had gone mad. For this she is promoted to Archaeophyte and given a chance to participate in the New Earth.
Death: Not specified.

Beta (A Flower)
Names: Beta [bay-tah]
Office: None
Position: Neophyte
Rank: Private
Power: None
Information: She fails to uphold the code, and as such, is denied participation in the New Earth.
Death: Not specified.

Emael (Intelligence)
Names: Emael [eh-may-el], Ema
Office: Executor
Position: Archaeophyte
Rank: Commander
Power: Strength. Can augment her body and actions using her power.
Information: Though she is Executor, which is a very high office, Iranel treats her as a servant.
Death: Severe decompression sickness. (The Bends)

Galabrel (Goodness)
Names: Galabrel [gal-ah-brell], Galabrah
Office: Later is appointed Judge by Iranel.
Position: Archaeophyte
Rank: Commander's Guard, formerly an armsman.
Power: Defence. She is able to shield herself from blows and regenerate wounds. She can also augment her physique to a limited extent.
Information: Tends to be somewhat lazy, never really doing anything unless it is thrust upon her. Enjoys good food.
Death: Dies in combat long after the story takes place.

Iranel (Elegant Beauty)
Names: Iranel [ee-rah-nell], Irana, Irene
Office: Judge, later becomes acknowledged as Prophet, but does not officially hold it as an office.
Position: True Archaeophyte
Rank: Commander-in-Chief
Power: Godly Machinations. She has the ability to see the future of anything that has an end to it, she also has telepathy and telekenetic powers.
Information: She was originally very beautiful with normal colored hair and fair blue eyes, however, as she saw more and more things, she became jaded with the world, and her features were bleached of color.
Death: Originally, suicide, though she later attains immortality by nullifying that future.

Magiel (Magical)
Names: Magiel, Magia
Office: Herald
Position: of Tarssus
Rank: not specified.
Power: Cowardice. Able to teleport himself.
Information: Does not appear either in this story or the original story, is a character who comes before Rael's death from Tarssus to check up on the expeditionary force, and possibly to court martial Iranel.
Death: Gives into temptation, becomes a demon, and is slain.

Phillip (Merchant-Minded)
Names: Phillip
Office: Prophet
Position: Human
Rank: None
Power: Sight that rivals Iranel's.
Information: A curious human being who has angelic powers. He is chosen by Iranel to replace the former Prophet who had died during the journey from Tarssus. While it is extremely unusual for a human being to hold an office, it would not be a sacriledge. It would probably have raised eyebrows to have a human appointed to an office, however, it is not explicitly forbidden.
Death: Ripped apart by demons.

Rael (Righteous Anger)
Names: Rael [rail], Rah
Office: none
Position: Archaeophyte
Rank: Commander's Guard, formerly a low-ranking storm trooper (probably a private).
Power: Rage. Able to channel her anger into whatever she is using as a weapon, causing it to cleave with great power.
Information: Hot-headed, closest to Galabrel. Youngest of the archaeophytes present at the beginning of the story. In the original story, she is killed by Sera after going mad from using her powers.
Death: Killed by Annahel (Sera in the original) after going mad after using too much of her power.

Sera (Light)
Names: Sera [seh-rah]
Office: none
Position: True Archaeophyte
Rank: Commander's Guard, formerly a Petty Officer
Power: Will. She is able to lash out at things from a great distance, and can twist things out of existance using the force of her will. She can also misdirect things coming at her and slightly alter the fabric of things around her.
Information: No one knows much about her. Iranel seems to have a history with her, though it is not spoken of in this story. In the original story, her and Iranel are both revealed to have known a third angel who was previously thought to be dead, but returns as something very close to God.
Death: Immortal. Does not return to Tarssus however, and spends her time wandering through eternity.


Andesite - A light grey volcanic rock

Angel - The firstborn of God's children, given the world of Tarssus to live. Age and disease cannot touch them, though they can bleed, breath, starve, and be mentally affected by things.

Archaeophyte - The term's original meaning was applied to an angel on the expedition who had survived the journey from Tarssus. It later came to be a sort of rank given to those whose powers had fully become manifest.

Demon - A fallen angel or a creature twisted or created by a fallen angel. Angels can fall if their sins are too great or if they are in excess.

Executor - Angelic office which is given to those who are to put things in motion. While they do not make the overarching decisions, they do decide how those decisions and mandates will be carried out.

Hornblende - A glossy black amphibole (a type of mineral)

Judge - Angelic office which is given to those who both interpret the codes and make certain the it is followed.

Neophyte - Any of the angels created or born on the journey from Tarssus to Earth. Also applied to any untrained angel.

New Earth - Anything after the incidents at the garden of Eden.

Old Earth - Where a majority of this story this takes place, before any history that is recorded.

Plan - Plans for reworking the earth into Eden so that mankind can proceed as intended.

Power - Angelic powers, grant the user special abilities based on the driving emotions that caused the powers to fully manifest.

Prophet - Angelic office which receives Godly commands, brings comfort and woe, and advises on the path that all must walk if they are to complete their tasks successfully.

Tarssus - The world that God had given to the angels when they were to live as physical beings.

Tree of Knowledge of Good and of Evil - A magnificent tree said to be tended by God in Highest Heaven. A sapling from this tree would later be planted in the Garden of Eden so that all might bask in its magnificence.