Chapter 23

Almost The End

Fighting was only used when necessary, Jen thought. Right now, fighting was not even thought about, it was done. A warzone was beyond what this was. Everywhere Jen looked she saw women in the ground and some were even carrying each other. Sadness surrounded her. She shot several drones using a jeep mounted machine gun. Jen kept her eye on the target and despite several shots almost hitting her, she shot some down regardless. It was time to keep moving. She got out of the jeep and grabbed a rifle. Jen's mission was to hold a fort and her friend Suzie was doing the same.

Factions were extremely helpful so far, but sadly Jen knew that they could not keep this up. There were many more flying drones still in the air. As she was about to head towards Times Square, a tall figure came across to her. She gasped in shock at who it was and before she could say anything, the hulking person picked her up by the throat. All Jen could do was try and breathe but she found it difficult. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

She was saved however, when another woman injected the man from behind with a syringe. The deformed man dropped down to the ground including Jen. She looked up as air was restored to her lungs.

"Good old Earth." Elise simply said looking around. She then gave Jen a hand up, who was confused at the newcomer.

"I don't quite understand, are they…"

"Yes, they're men and they've been brainwashed."

Grabbing a sword from Galbina's body, Nina attacked Zeeta-Org who also acquired a sword of her own. Together, they engaged in an impressive sword fight that was almost a wild dance between them. At exactly between 47th and Broadway was the battle for Earth. Fire and explosions were a constant. Nina's face was full of fury as she slashed away only for her blows to be blocked by the alien robot.

Zeeta-Org matched Nina's ferociousness quickly and was close to ambushing her. She swung wildly now and she was eager to teach Nina a lesson for attempting to fight her. Nina, however, was not giving up that easily. The swords continued giving off a 'clang' sound every time they made contact. Nina spun and duck as best she could. She kicked whenever she got a chance. Nina instinctively took out her pistol only for it to be knocked away.

On the ground, John watched Nina fighting with everything she had. He thought about all the times Nina had defended him. It was about time she defended Nina and tried to think of a plan. He crawled closer to the fight eager to get a better view. John thought of a plan but it was extremely risky with Nina in the way. He could try shooting but it would not work unless Zeeta was in the open. Instead he had to try a different approach.

Zeeta swung her sword in a chopping position. She was annoyed that the human was almost a match for her. She growled at her. Eventually she succeeded by grabbing her neck but her killing blow was blocked when Nina grabbed her wrist holding the sword. Both were unable to move their swords. However, Nina was weakening by the grip that Zeeta had on her neck. Nina was beginning to choke and was about to collapse. Her own sword was being pointed at her now. A savior was more than welcome at that point.

John came from behind and wrapped a steel wire around Zeeta's neck choking her now. She lost hold of Nina as well as her own sword and tugged at the wire pulling her away from Nina. John with his immense weight was able to throw Zeeta six feet towards a car door. The door was left with a dent. John did not know how he had acquired such strength and courage and continued dragging Zeeta on the ground. John quickly tied his end of the wire onto a crane. Nina, on the ground saw what he was doing and saw a machine gun on a jeep nearby. She ran towards it.

Jen caught up with Suzie and immediately they went on the offensive as a swarm of what looked like overweight men coming toward them like zombies. They were on the other side of Times Square. The women saw One Astor Plaza to their right. They could not do anything to stop them because according to newcomer Elise, they were brainwashed and were unaware of what they were doing. But now, Jen can tell they were running out of options, there were swarms of men slowly walking towards the group of women. Before they could do anything that constituted an attack, Jen looked up and saw a drone ready to fire.

"Is the building prepped to blow?" Jen asked Suzie.

"Yes but again, why are we blowing up the plaza, Jen?" Suzie asked back.

"This is the climax. Anyway those drones are always following us! Everything is leading up here. The drones are going to be arriving here any minute. The building collapsing will distract them but hopefully it'll take some down with them!" Jen yelled and immediately saw the drones flying down toward the women.

"What about-?"

"I got it." Elise came up to them from behind. "I finally got it working."

"What 'working'?" Jen asked frowning.

Thousands of men were instantly drawn into what seemed to be a transparent bubble of electricity that had just activated. They tried moving but couldn't. Jen and Suzie couldn't help but be impressed.

"What if they get caught in the blast?" Suzie asked.

"Too many questions, too little patience...The force field will protect them. Kardina has done it before, trust me, now let's move." Elise cried.

John saw his chance to get to the crane controls but found he couldn't fit through the small doorway so he struggled to get in as fast as he could. But then he was thrown from behind away from the crane. Zeeta-Org then walked toward John who was laying in the ground in pain. He began to get up but a foot placed on his gut, putting him back down. She then grabbed his neck with both hands. John tried to get them off him."I win, I always win! Don't you understand, fatty?"

"I'm not fat, I'm rotund." he then grabbed a sword hidden under his muumuu and stabbed Zeeta in her thigh. She yelled in frustration. John then saw how incredibly she was lifted up by the wire she still had in her neck. He saw to his amazement that it was Galbina! She was operating the crane with incredible skill. Zeeta was twenty feet in the air now and began to choke. She continued to wrestle the wire holding her neck. Galbina, appearing weak yelled at Nina. "Now!..." she yelled. John saw that Galbina's last ounce of strength had been used up and collapsed, unmoving.

John saw how Nina operated the .50 caliber machine gun and immediately fired upon Zeeta relentlessly. Shots burst from the machine gun and hit Zeeta-Org ferociously in her body. Nina was careful not to hit the wire. She hoped Zeeta was still choking as well. She wanted the alien to suffer tremendously. Zeeta screamed as the shots connected to her. She was able to activate a shield for her body but she was amazed at how some of the projectiles were effective. Blue blood emerged from her system. She felt sick now.

Jen, Suzie and Elise along with the rest of the women made their way to the northern part of Times Square where they saw an alien robot suspended in the air, getting shot repeatedly. Jen saw that Nina was shooting the alien. As much as she was glad to see such a sight, Jen had to warn the survivors that the building next to the was about to blow up. She heard Nina screaming in fury as she shot. It was then that Jen realized maybe blowing up the Plaza was no longer a plan.

There was no more ammunition when the machine gun ceased firing. The last remaining Domintradox was drenched in blood. But surprisingly to Nina, it still wasn't dead. Zeeta was still panting in pain. She looked shredded and her metallic endo-skeleton was showing. Three quarters of her face was shot off and revealed her metallic skull full with dents and wires sticking out.

Getting out of the jeep, Nina approached Zeeta still in the air. "You're still alive, you psychotic bitch?" she yelled.

"" Zeeta said spitting out blood. "I wassss...supposed to I ha-ave to-to" she began malfunctioning. Suddenly many drones began to fall down from the sky. Many women, including Nina and John took cover. As soon as the drones stopped falling, they immediately went back to the scene. Impressively, the drones did not hit the area where Zeeta-Org was held.

"Don't blow the building." Jen said to Suzie as she etched closer to the scene. John frowned as he saw Jen motioned to Suzie who looked at the Plaxa.

Elise then came forward and looked up to Zeeta. "You were destroyers of many races and yet you became destroyers of your own selves. You thought humans had such a trait, but you were wrong..." Elise's eyes began to glow blue and a fallen drone emerged behind her. It went into the air and flew past her. "So wrong."

Zeeta saw the drone racing towards her and for that she screamed to the women. "You can't, can't. This is not-" her voice was becoming distorted but it was nothing compared to the force she felt in her chest which sent her flying to the building behind her. Zeeta along with the drone, crashed onto the corner of the Plaza now panting hard and out of breath.

Zeeta-Org was impaled by one of the drones and bleeding heavily now. Using her remaining strength, she tried to push the drone away from her. But found it difficult. Zeeta found that her eyes were producing water. Was she bleeding from her eyes as well? Using a finger that still had a portion of human skin on it, Zeeta checked her right eye. It was a tear. It was unbelievable. She was actually feeling emotion now."I...j-just rule!" Zeeta's voice was beginning to take a deep route. She then looked far away down at John in shock.

John nodded to the women behind him who nodded back in understanding. He saw Zeeta stuck in a building and holding the bomb activator in his hand said. "You're history, period." he then pressed the button. The top portion of the building then went up in a blaze.

"NOOOO!" An explosion surrounded Zeeta-Org.

The building's top portion was the only thing that blew up and remained standing. Suzie then stood sheepishly. Everyone had turned to look at her. "I was always against knocking down buildings..." she said with her hands raised and giving a cheesy grin. Jen only shook Suzie's head in admiration.

Nina then looked at John. They stood next to each other without speaking. Nina broke the silence. "So you and..."

"It's complicated. But she's gone now. So I'm feeling sad about it right now. She wasn't that bad. I'm just happy it's over, right?" John said.

"Yeah, I can't believe it. That Domintradox bitch is gone. The world is saved...because of you." Nina walked towards him. They were face to face.

"You did most of the work." John gulped.

"Still modest." she smiled. "You saved my life."

"I was just being..."

Nina simply kissed him. After they stopped, Nina looked at his gut with wide eyes. "Did you gain more weight? I can't reach across to kiss you." she asked in disbelief.