Fluttering Hearts

A single crimson butterfly fluttered past my face. It's wings as fine as new spun silk. I blinked and it was gone...

I don't know how long I sat on the bench, but I do know that it was dusk by time I had stopped daydreaming. I would have been there much longer, had someone not woke me up...

"Rose?" I looked up, surprised.
"Els? What are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same question, your parents asked me to look for you"
"Oops! I lost track of time," Els looked at me with a smile; I couldn't believe how understanding he has always been. His name is Elliot, but I call him Els. He doesn't let anyone else call him that. We've been best mates since we were little; I've always seen him as my older brother. Whenever I was hurt, upset or being bullied, he was always there to help me up. I couldn't live without him.
"Huh? What happened?"
"You were day-dreaming again."
I blushed. Why, I don't know, I just did.

"Come on, we should be getting back" I giggled at his comment, he was always so sweet and calm.

He was obviously confused: "What's so funny?"

"It's nothing, really" But he always knew when I was lying.

"Oh is it now?" I gulped; I knew too well what was coming next. I smiled nervously...

"Tickle Attack" I got up and ran, weaving in and out of trees, with him following.
"You know I'll catch you"
"No you won't" I teased, but I was so wrong...
He finally caught me and lightly tickled my ribs. He knew that it made me laugh more when he was light.
I fell to the floor in a fit of giggles, and he fell down beside me. He turned to face me.
"Now what was that you said that I wouldn't catch you?" He got to his knees and started tickling me again "Say It?"
I managed to stutter "Never" around my chuckles.
"I won't stop until you say it"
"Ok, ok, you win, I give up" And with that he stopped and got up.
"Once again, I Elliot, am victorious" He started bowing as if there was a crowd standing around him. I silently stood up and tackled him, screaming "You cheeky so and so!"
We fell to the floor in a heap, laughing as if we'd never laughed before.
When we finally stopped, his face turned crimson. I giggled and rolled off him, turning almost as red as him.
I sat up and took deep breaths; my ribs were hurting from our laughing fits.
As he started to sit up, a butterfly fluttered past. It looked the same as the one I saw earlier, only this one was brighter and leaving sparkles as it flew. I got up and started to follow it.
Els must have seen it too, only he wasn't as curious as me.
"Rose, it's a butterfly, come back. ROSE!" He had to shout the last word as the butterfly had picked up speed and I was running to keep up. I think he must have got up soon after as I could hear him calling me and he was soon running alongside me.
"Rose, come on, we should be getting home."
"So?" I jumped as I said this and sped up more.
"Rose, it's a butterfly, your 16" I could hear that he was getting irate.
"I know that, but I can tell that there is something different about it"
"Please, stop this Ro---" Before he could finish, we had both fallen of a ledge and landed, rather softly I might add, in a huge masses of tall grass. I got up and straitened my top.
"Well that was fun... Oh my!"
"That was NOT fun, Rose what are you gawping at?" He got up and looked around. We were in a small clearing. The area was lit by the silver moon, shining through the gaps in the trees.
I walked to the edge of the tall grass and slipped off my sandals. As I walked to the centre of the clearing, the short grass blades folded softly under my feet. The air felt light as silk on my skin, as cool as ice and as calm as an untouched lake. The stillness was interrupted only by a single ruby butterfly that fluttered through.
Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"AH!" I was probably too loud.
"Shh! It's only me"
"Els, you surprised me" I felt myself go bright red with embarrassment and realised that I had been far too loud.
"Rose, look" He pointed towards the trees...
"Oh......WOW!" At least a hundred, maybe a thousand, butterflies were leaving the trees. Each one leaving a trail of sparkles, and each one unique. There were some that glittered like dazzling gems, others that shone, others with a plain colour but just as magnificent. Some were red as rubies, some green as emeralds and some with snow swept wings.
They were all swiftly flying around us in a matter of moments. Some landed on us, some just flew around; either way, they weren't afraid.
As they soared, I felt myself being pushed. It felt strange, but I didn't resist. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be moved.
I felt water on my feet and opened my eyes, only to find myself in a small, clear pond.
"I didn't notice that before" I could still feel that I was being pushed, so I closed my eyes again, but the pressure had changed. It wasn't an even spread. As soon as I realised this it was too late, I was falling. I opened my eyes to see Elliot running towards me, calling my names.
Everything went black and cold.

"Rose......Rose......Rose, please wake up......Please"
I felt a drop of liquid on my cheek and something squeezing my hand.
I opened my eyes to see Elliot with his head bowed and tears trickling down his face. I could see that it was him squeezing my hand. I did all I could to return the gesture, it wasn't much but it got his attention. His head jolted up to look at me. I mustered a smile and his face lit up.
Before I could say anything, he had burst into tears and held me close to his chest.
"What's wrong?" I enquired.
He managed to concoct a sentence around his sobs:
"I thought I was going to lose you!"
I lifted my free hand and touched his cheek.
"You should know me better than that" He tilted his head and stared at me with his tear filled eyes, so I continued:
"I'm never going to leave you"
He started to blush, and I guess I did too.
The butterflies returned, but this time they kept a good distance from us. It sounded like they were whispering many things at once...
"Come on then"
"You know you want to"
"We know how you feel"

"Kiss Her"

We both blushed at the last comment.
He stared at me and the redness in his cheeks faded, but I felt mine grow.
He lowered my face to mine and everything felt right. I was melting there in his arms. I could hear and see fireworks. It was all so perfect. Us together under the light of the stars.
And all thanks to fluttering hearts.

"How are we going to find our way out of here?"