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I stared up at the big castle. Nate finally let go of my hand, the awkwardness was over.

"Let's go in there," Aiden stared dazed at the castle.

"In there?" I asked, he nodded, "Now?" I asked again, he nodded, "Are you sure cause…"

"Don't be scared Amanda," Aiden looked me in the eyes. Your immortal, he's not.

"He has my locket, he is too immortal," I told them.

"Well he won't be immortal for long," Nate commented. Alrighty then, apparently I had nothing to worry about. So lets go get killed!

"All we have to do here is get your locket back, get dad, and kill Christopher and his army," Anastasia swung next to Aiden and batted her eyelashes.

"Yup!" He smiled at her, she batted her lashes some more and smiled back. Carly flew up to Aiden and when he wasn't looking pushed her out of the way.

"Hey!" She fluffed her long dark brown hair and sat on his shoulder.

"Hey," He responded dully, "Alright we got to pick up the pace now guys," He began to run and Carly flew off his shoulder, Anastasia and Alyssa started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Nate asked them.

"Nothing," they chuckled some more. We headed through the gates of the castle, very careful not to be seen. We got to the Castle doors when Nate suggested we split up.

"I'll go with Aiden, and you four go together," I was disappointed he hadn't put my in his group…oh well. They went right, we went left. A little ways down the left hallways we heard some noises. People were walking out of the room in front of us.

"And so I just said-," Christopher stopped, "Well, well, well, who do we have here?" I looked around, but Anastasia, Alyssa, and Carly were gone. Where did they go? Christopher grabbed my wrists, and dragged me down the hall. How could they just leave me here? I was so angry at them.

He brought me to a room, a dungeon room. It was cold and dark, it had a little window where you could see outside, but it was covered by bars, and was too tiny to fit anyone out.

"I was expecting you," Christopher explained. He put my hands in chains attached to the wall, as well as my feet, "You see, I've had people watching you," He explained some more, "You thought you would win," He laughed and put a bandana around my mouth, tied it tight, "Silly little girl," He walked away, I saw a glint around his neck, my locket, "Goodbye now," He shut the door with a slam. Oh no.

This was the end, I just new it. Immortal or not, I would be stuck here forever. I wish I had been put in Nate's group…Nate. If he were here, he could break me out of these chains, and kill Christopher. Anastasia, Alyssa, and Carly had betrayed me. Where had they gone? I heard footsteps outside of the dungeon. I could feel someone approaching the window outside.

"Amanda?" It was Nate. Nate! He had come to save me. I grunted under my bandana, and glanced up; I could only see half of his beautiful face.

"Stay there, I'll be right there," He ordered…well where was I going to go? I was trapped in chains.

I waited thirty minutes…where was he? All of the sudden I heard some tampering with the door. Some punching, kicking, and the door was knocked down. I could see the light! Nate walked through the mess of a door. I looked up at him, he smiled. He took the chains from arms and cracked one against the wooden bench I was sitting on. I loud crash came with it. He did my other arm and legs. Soon I was free, but my arms were very sore. He took the bandana off of my mouth. We both stood up in silence. He took my hand again, and we walked down the hall quietly, we joined a room with Aiden, Alyssa, Anastasia, and Carly. I glared at them.

"Alright, were going in for the kill now that we've found Amanda. Amanda, while you were gone, Nate and I killed a few of the army, so they are already looking for us, be careful,"

All of the sudden Christopher walked into the room.

"Hmm, Amanda, it's so nice to see you again, might we want to take the same trip again?" Christopher threatened but Nate stepped in front of me, "Oh, your boyfriend, what's he going to do?" Christopher opened up his locket and shot the red laser pointer at me.

"Ahhh!" I screamed as loud as I could. I fell to the ground it pain. I began to cry. Anastasia suddenly whispered in my ear.

"Play dead," She whispered. He knew I was immortal, but it was worth a try. I lay there, playing dead. I couldn't see what was happening anymore but I heard a lot. I heard Nate and Aiden draw their swords. They ran up to Christopher, but I heard him draw his too. They were having a sword fight. I opened my eyes for a little second. I could see Anastasia, and Alyssa holding up a steak knife. I could also see Carly unlocking the locket on the back of Christopher's neck. I closed my eyes once again. I heard more sword fighting. Then a scream, it was a mans scream. I opened my eyes once again. Christopher was on the floor, with a steak knife in the back of his back, gushing blood. He was dead. Carly must've gotten the locket, took it off, and Anastasia and Alyssa stab him. They saved the day.

"Oh my god," I whispered. They all looked over at me.

"Are you alright Amanda?" Alyssa asked concerned.

"We're so sorry we left you earlier!" Carly apologized.

"Yeah," Anastasia agreed.

"It's okay, you guys saved all of our lives," I forgave them.

"Let's go find dad!" Aiden screamed excitedly.

"No need to find, I'm already here," Ryan appeared through the doorway.

"Dad!" I ran up to him, even with my limping leg, and gave him a huge hug. We all celebrated Christopher's death. The castle was my fathers again. Aiden and Nate had killed the only people who were on Christopher's side; the others were only working there to not be killed.

So we were all a big happy family again. I sighed.

And so we lived Happily. Ever. After.

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