It was breaking Kim's heart to see Marc and Raven looking through her old things. All the memories that were attached to each item weighed heavily on her heart, and Kim felt empty, knowing that there wouldn't be any fresh memories that she would make with either of them. Although she was glad that she was remembered and that her memory wouldn't die out, a piece of her felt as if it was missing.

It's hard, Kimberly... but you're helping them.

I don't feel like I am. I feel useless here... trapped.

You have more freedom than any earth-bound creature has.

I know, and it's truly incredible... but then why do I feel so trapped and alone?

Because you haven't come to terms with the fact that you can't still be with them; with those who you care and love more than they can even imagine... and you can't tell them that you love them, you can't make them know this.

I can't come back, can I? It hurts so much... not being able to see them...

No. But they can feel your presence, and they know that you're still very active in their hearts and lives. Patience is a virtue, Kimberly. Remember that.

I hate being patient.

But you must be. I have a plan, remember.

It wasn't a question, but a statement. Kim knew deep in her heart that He did have a plan and it was for the greater good of every single person on the earth.

But she still felt empty.

God, I miss them so much.