See the Beauty Within Me


By: Payton

When you look in a mirror

What do you see?

Some just see

"A reflection of me"

Others might say

"It looks somewhat like myself

But they're way overweight"

They need to lose with a capitol "L"

Some people know

What they see is not true

But when they look around

Their size makes them feel blue

Others see them "tiny"

And always want to eat

They walk feeling so alone

And looking at their feet

Their self-confidence

Is severely low

Tier life and days

Seem to go slow

Some people see themselves

As a super amazing person

Which lowers other's self-esteem

While their's has risen

There are some people in the world

Who see exactly who they are

There are very few

But they seem to go far

Everyone sees themselves

As how they think they are

They don't step back and say

"I am my own star"

Every person is beautiful

They are gorgeous in their own way

I only hope everyone can eventually see