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Author: B.K.I. aka Bikki_White

Summary: Nephilim are an angel human mix & depending how much angel you are, dictates the rest of your life. With a new and possibly dangerous child about to be born, and Lys, mainly human with a small percentage of Angel blood, needing to step up to a plate she thinks is just to big for her, how will the world be saved when it's saviour doesn't know what she's doing. Lys doesn't really understand why she was thrown into the mix of the Angelic world but she does know it's a lot closer to hell than most think.

Fireworks erupted over the bay as the school year had begun. A large feast was being held in the commons of each house, even though each house was supposed to be getting ready for school the next day. Every teacher was in the staffroom, sharing a bottle of scotch and knocking back as much vodka's as they could before midnight. The headmistress was organising an array of punishments for the year.

But seven children, all as pale as the silver moon itself, walked across the lawn, cloaks flapping behind them as they went. "We're all in a house together this year, right?" the smallest one, a girl, asked. She had more of a skip than the rest.

"Yes we are Ezra." The tallest of the boys with longish brown hair took her hand. "Now come on. We don't have much time."

"Relax Jay, we have plenty of time."

"Actually Zale," the next tallest boy said with a small smile. "We don't."

"Oh… then off we go!"

The seven picked up their step, arrive at the edge of the bay without a minute to spare. Three mermaids, all men, lay beached on the sand, looking at them impatiently. "We were about to leave." One of them said.

"Sorry!" The only girl who hadn't spoken yet put her hand up. "Hair straightener broke down. Not a pretty sight."

"You're always a pretty sight." The boy who had spoken to 'Zale' reached around her waste and pulled her close to him.

"Not the time, nor place Iggy." The boy who'd just spoken was large than all of the muscle wise, and looked possibly the oldest. "You got our shipment?"

"Yes." One of the mermaids said. "Now are you going to pay us before the last of the spells are put up to keep us out and you in?"

Iggy forked out some cash and handed it to the mermaids. "This better be top dollar stuff you're handing us." He said as he took the water proof bag off the mermen.

"We swear it is." the mermen said before sinking into the water.

The three girls froze and looked at the guys. "Is it in there?" the smallest ask.

Iggy held up the bag and shook it. "What do you ladies say?"

"Shut up Ig and just pass them here." Zale moved forward and snatched the bag off of Iggy, peering inside. "Yes!"

"We've got chocolate!" one of them said, jumping up and down excitedly.

"Hey!" a distant voice was heard, yelling at them. "What are you kids doing?"

"Run!" Iggy grabbed his girlfriend and started running full pelt away from the bay and back to their house.

The smallest girl screamed and the boy the tall boy with longish brown hair stopped, turned and ran back for her. She was on the ground; her arm wrapped her leg as she grabbed it in pain. The boy leaned down as whomever and yelled after them was catching up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her up, running easily even with her on his back.

The house was simply one of many townhouse apartments that were on campus. Up to eight lived in each one and each different house had a name. "Good ol' Lucifer house." Iggy, or Ignatius, said as he opened the door and let the others in. Whoever had almost caught them had lost them and now the seven were inside their home for the next year.

"Lucifer house." Esmeralda smiled as Jay let go of her and dumped her on the couch. "I've had some of the best times in this place."

"And you'll have even more for the next three years you'll be here." Jayden 'Jay' said, ruffling her hair lightly. He kneeled in front of her and looked at her leg. "Is your leg okay?"

Ezra shook her head. "My knee really hurts."

Jay half rolled his eyes and smiled. "Want me to kiss it better?" Ezra nodded excitedly and Jay leaned forward and pecked her knee. "Is it better?"

"You've got magic lips." Ezra grinned from ear to ear as Jayden flopped next to her.

"It sucks how you guys are going next year." Zale spoke up. "It won't be the same without you."

Ignatius looked around the room to his seven 'followers'. Yes he called them followers. He did it because it was true. Whatever he did, the others would follow, somewhat blindly. But it didn't matter because they'd always have fun in the end. Ignatius Darkmoon, or Iggy as he preferred, had thick brown hair and blue-brown eyes. He had muscles and almost always wore tight shirts and skinny jeans, only because he could. His girlfriend was the ditzy but loveable Isabella Vladimir. Her black tendrils were almost always dead straight and her eyes a bright green.

He then looked to his sister. The youngest of them all, Esmeralda. She looked like the smaller female version of himself, although her hair had been permanently straightened, something he thought she'd regret one day, and was halfway down her back. There was the only guy older than him, Gabriel. Also known as his older cousin. He had the same blue-brown eyes as Esmeralda and himself, but his hair was a red flame, spiking up in every direction and uncontrollable. He also had enough muscles tog pick a fight with an elephant and win.

His cousin's girlfriend was Rosalia 'Zale' Winters who had a twin brother, Nathaniel Winters. Both of them were tall, thin and blonde and had matching ice blue eyes. Their faces seemed hollow but it made them all the more beautiful. They were both inseparable, although according to them they couldn't stand the sight of each other.

Lastly, but definitely not least, there was Jayden. The tallest of the lot, Jayden Douglas was one of the scariest kids in the entire school. No one talked to him too much and no one really went near him, afraid of the consequences. However, he was the nicest guys any of them had ever known.

But the best part about his little crew is that they were all gifted, in some way shape or form. More gifted than the others at their magical school when together, each talented in different ways. They were Nephilim, part angels, part men, but they were the more civilized of their culture. And whilst Ignatius was their leader, Jayden was their Prince.

"Prince Jayden Cedric Matthias Anthony Lucas Douglas," the seven froze, and they all looked to the door where one of the teachers stood. "Your presence is needed in the Principal's office."

"Busted." Zale whispered.

The teacher ignored her and waited for Jayden who stood up awkwardly. "Can I ask what this is about Professor?"

"Your new housemate needs to be approved." The professor replied. "Your parents have already consented, now you simply need to approve of her."

"Her?" Esmeralda jumped up on the couch. "We're getting a girl?"

"Victory!" Izzy said wrapping her arms around Iggy. "Now we're finally even."

"We might even get you a girl Nate." Iggy said jabbing Nathaniel in the ribs.

"Suuree." Nathaniel said, flinching at the attack.

Jayden sat back down on the couch next to Ezra and wrapped one arm around her. She leaned into the hug and gave a large wide smile. Jayden nodded to the teacher. "I don't care. I don't mind another person in the house."

"Your highness, it is to the request of your parents you approve her."

"I approve her." he shrugged. "And please don't call me highness."

The teacher didn't look like he knew what to do. He bit his lip then nodded. "If that's what you request my Prince. I shall tell the principal."

The teacher left, shutting the door behind him. The others all looked at Jayden with matching smiles. "Don't…" he muttered.

"Prince Jayden Cedric Matthias Anthony Lucas Douglas." Zale bowed to him, her gracious ballerina body falling elegantly to the ground. "I request your presence upstairs."

"Hey!" Gabriel wrapped his arms around Zale's middle and lifted her up and swung her around. "Only I'm allowed to be requested for that sort of presence."

A gust of wind blew Gabriel off his feet for a moment. "Don't talk about your bedroom life in front of your girlfriend's brother." Nathaniel warned.

"So, the Prince has approved a new busy body to come amongst our midsts." Iggy said, sitting down on the nearest couch. Izzy fell on top of him, smiling and running her hand through his hair. "Nate, prospects?"

Nate, who was extremely skinny but always wore oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans, fell onto the only single seater. "Why is it always me that you guys are trying to hook up? Prince doesn't have a love life."

Ezra shifted a little closer to Jayden as he answered, "My love life is decided for me by my parents and their advisors. Your love life is decided by us."

Zale and Gabriel sat on the ground as the conversation went on. "I hope she's pretty at least." Zale said. "You need a pretty girl Nat seeing as you're not that good looking."

"Who said I'm going to date her?"

"We did." Iggy's foot that was hanging over the couch, darted out and kicked Nathaniel's seat.

"She's probably brunette." Gabriel thought.

"We've already got a brunette." Ezra said a little stubbornly, her prospects of having a new girl falling.

"She's not taking your place Ez." Iggy assured her, reading her mind.

Jayden pushed back Ezra's hair and smiled. "No one could take your place."

Ezra blushed bright red but nodded happily anyway. "I wonder how much Nephilim she is."

"Probably high if she's being put with us." Gabriel said, looking up to his cousin.

"High?" Izzy laughed. "I'm only twenty-seven percent and the terror twins are thirty-five each. We're not making record heights in this group."

"Hello." Gabriel pointed to Jayden. "Iggy's got seventy-two and Esmeralda is a whopping sixty-five, which is big for a girl…"

"Hey!" Ezra threw a pillow at him that hit its mark.

"It's true." Gabriel threw the pillow right back. "And don't deny it. There are significantly smaller numbers of girls over the fifty mark than guys."

"You're forgetting our star player." Nate smirked. "We've got the only ninety-five in the world."

They all looked at Jayden, who was relaxing on the couch, looking perfectly normal. "Ninety-five percent Nephilim." said Nate. "The best in the world."

Jayden looked at them through his bangs with a glare. "Which also means I'm the most dangerous. Don't forget that."

They fell silent, knowing they'd reached a touchy subject for Jayden.

"I think she might be a blonde." Ezra said suddenly.

Izzy nodded. "Yeah. I think she might be."

"She better not be." Zale growled. "Carrot top or raven head?"

"Has to be carrot top." Izzy defended. "I'll accept nothing else."

"Aren't you guys being a little too touchy about the hair colour?" Gabriel said as he ran his hand down Zale's spine.

"No we aren't!" the girls snapped at him.

The guys all exchanged wary glances but just nodded back.

Alison 'Lys' Evans sat in the principal's office, her arms wrapped around her stomach. The office was large, round, and wooden. It smelt like dust and old books, the two things that looked as if they were delivered in bulk. There was a miniature laptop on the mahogany desk and a little green lamp. The Headmistress, Torrington, was an older lady with her grey hair, which was once black, up in a tight bun on the top of her hair. Her glasses with black rims didn't hide her blue eyes, but rather brought out the brilliance in them. It was also because of the deep blue shirt she wore under her grey tweed jacket and matching pencil skirt.

"Miss Evans." Headmistress Torrington said just after a nervous man came in and muttered something into Torrington's ear. "I just got the word of approval. You can move into your new house tonight."

Lys nodded slowly, not really knowing how to reply. She tugged her luggage bag closer to her and gave a half smile. Torrington looked over her glasses at Lys and frowned. "It says on your file you only discovered you were Nephilim three weeks ago, is that correct?"

"I guess." Lys started to shrug but then she stopped, pushing her own electric green glasses to her nose. "I don't really know what that means. Nephilim. Is it… good or bad?"

Torrington smiled warmly. "Like anything in life, it's good depending on how its used."

"It's used?" she raised her eyebrow. "I'm really sorry but… I've got no idea what you're on about."

Torrington nodded and sighed. "I've never had to explain this before. I'm a high school headmistress meaning I never thought I'd get a new Nephilim. Especially one in such… odd circumstances."


"Uh… let me finish Miss Evans." Torrington pointed to the bible on her desk. "Have you ever read the Bible Miss Evans?"

"No… but I know the basic gist of it. Jesus was born, he did powerful things, he made friends, he died and he came back." Lys nodded.

With another chuckle Torrington nodded. "Yes that is the basic gist of it. But do you know the Genesis stories. About Adam and Eve and Moses and such."

"I know of them."

"Good. That's a start." Torrington took a brochure. "Now, trust me when I say this is a brief history. Your peers will fill you in on the rest. Whilst it's not disclosed in detail, God had lots of sons. More than is humanly possible to count. And they all became Angels. Angels who had to do exactly as their father told them. They could look but not touch. They could smell but not taste. They could hold but not feel. God denied his sons of things he didn't believe were a necessity but placed temptation out right in front of them as a test. Then God created man. Man, who looked like much smaller versions of the sons of God but who were a lot better looking. Man wasn't so bad. It was when God created woman kind did the Angels rebel from their father's word.

"God told them not to touch the daughters of man, but the Angels had been held back for too long. They decided to throw the rules out the window and went down to earth and married the daughters of man. There was over three hundred marriages according the official records we hold. One of them was the fallen angel Lucifer. From each marriage there were at least five children from each happy couple. Instead of welcoming his grandchildren, God sent all the Angels to the pit of hell and cursed the children the women bore to crave for what was naturally missing from them, but if they touched it, they would be cursed to live in a worse manner.

"You my dear are Nephilim, but according to your DNA, only three percent." Torrington smiled. "Nephilim academies don't usually take in students with less then ten percent Nephilim blood but you're a special case. I believe you have powers. Is that true?"

"I guess." Lys rubbed the back of her neck. "I can kinda shoot sparks from my fingertips. It's not anything big but…"

"But it's cause enough for you to come and learn how to control your powers. You're the first with less than five percent of Nephilim blood to gain powers. At least, the first we know of."

Lys paused. "Headmistress Torrington, what did you mean when you said before about the children craving for what was naturally missing from them?"

"You needn't worry about that. You're mainly human meaning it won't effect you." Torrington pulled out a form and started writing hastily. "Now, you've been assigned to Lucifer house and you have seven other housemates."


"Yes. At Raphael's, there is a small 'town' as we like to call it. There are coffee shops, recreation centres and more, that all close at ten on school nights but are open all night on Friday's and Saturday's. Each student is assigned a house. One house fits eight students. You're in the Lucifer House. Now I warn you, the reason why you had to go through so many security checks and such is because you're going to be in the Prince of Nephilim's house, the descendent of Lucifer and the heir to the Nephilian throne. His name is Jayden and you're expected to treat him as if you would anyone else."

"Trust me when I say you don't have to worry." Lys stood up and put her backpack over her shoulder and kicked her luggage bag so the wheel handle was out. "I'm not a big people person."

Torrington nodded. "Your other housemates include Ignatius, Esmeralda and Gabriel Darkmoon, the first two brother and sister, the last their cousin. Gabriel is the Lord of Raphael's son, the next in line for the title. Ignatius's maternal grandfather is the Lord of Azazel meaning Ignatius is the first in line for that title and the second in line for the Lord of Raphael title. With those titles comes responsibility."

"Anyone else in their Royal or bound to be?" Lys decided to ask.

"Yes, in fact there is. Isabella Vladimir is the daughter of the current holder of the title, Lord of Araqiel and Nathaniel and Rosalie Winters are the half-cousins of the current Prince of the Anakim, their half-Uncle King. They are fourth and fifth in line for the throne.


"I am sure your peers will fill you in." Torrington looked tired and sighed. "These seven, together, will one day hold majority of the power within the Nephilim community. They're strong friends to make my dear."

Lys shrugged as she walked to the door. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not here to make friends."