Moment by AndromedaMarine

I wish there was a moment
Where I had not one regret.
But sadly everything goes wrong
And I will not forget.

I never saw it coming
The unexpected loss.
So soon he met Death's friendly gaze
And the one nailed to the Cross.

I never had a chance to say
How much he meant to me.
A chance, a moment, every time
Now gone, lost in the sea.

The moments passed with such expense
No person without shock.
But every tear falls downward still
With every ticking clock.

I lost a friend, a teacher to
The tragedy of death.
And now I find it hard to be calm
With every shaking breath.

The moment's gone, now in the wind
With ever-twisting fate.
And shock remains. I can't believe.
My thanks are now too late.

I wish there was a moment
When I could let him know,
That I owe him everything.
He was a true hero.

Though if I had that moment now
To tell him all I could,
He'd still be gone to be with God.
He knows everything he should.

Dedicated to and written in memory of a former teacher who was taken home to heaven on Saturday.